Airpods Microphone Not Working (Now Works) – 4 Ways To Fix

how to fix airpods microphone not working

In this article, you’ll discover 4 tried and tested ways to fix airpods microphone not working step by step. Whether you are using 1st generation AirPods, Apple microphone on iPhone or just another Windows 10 computer, this guide will help. In fact, we’ll answer questions such as why the AirPods stop working, their causes, and …

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Microphone Not Working Windows 10 – Complete Solution (2021)

microphone not working windows 10 solved

This is a complete solution to the internal and external microphone not working windows 10 for Logitech USB headset and Realtek drivers in HP, Lenovo, and Dell laptops. Whether you are using Zoom Video Call service, Skype, Google Meets, Microsoft Teams, YouTube, or even local media players like VLC, the microphone can stop working at …

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Windows 10 Start Menu Not Working Fix Critical Error 7 Ways

windows 10 start menu not working fix

This is the most extreme guide to fix windows 10 start menu not working along with critical errors that might also appear on the Cortana Search Box making it difficult to interact. How to fix Windows 10 start menu not working Windows 10 is a very powerful Operating System that was first released in 2015. Throughout …

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Comcast DNS Server Not Responding Xfinity WiFi Fix 2021

dns server not responding xfinity wifi fix

This is a step-by-step solution to dns server not responding xfinity wifi in 2021 to connect the internet using more than three methods. Even when we are using the world’s best ISP, the WiFi might not work properly causing several DNS issues. Xfinity is an Internet Service Provider trademark from Comcast parent company with headquarters …

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DNS Server Not Responding PS4 Fix – 3 Actionable Solutions

dns server not responding ps4 fix actionable guide

Welcome to the complete actionable solution for dns server not responding ps4 pro and all versions that connect and work on any network step by step. Whether it’s a PS4, Xbox or even a computer, any type of DNS errors occur when there’s a problem with connectivity and the internet is cut. Therefore, we’ll look at …

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