Fix Android Disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume Easily 2022

In this article, we will reveal how to easily troubleshoot android disable absolute bluetooth volume with its meaning and clear step-by-step instructions for any modern smartphone device. This secret trick helps us to fix low-volume issues and make Bluetooth speakers or headphones louder by enabling us to control both the internal and external switches.

android disable absolute bluetooth volume fix

Normally, most external headphones deliver completely fine volume according to their capacity. But, for instance, when I connect my Bluetooth airpods last time, they were producing relatively low sound than they should be. That’s why I am writing this post to explain how I fixed the problem and there weren’t any issues with my earphones either. By the way, this solution existed since 2015 but it was rarely mentioned or used by average android users.

Alright, let’s get started.

How to Fix Android Disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume

Bluetooth is a short-link radio technology developed in 1998 by ‘Bluetooth Special Interest Group’ to develop wireless headsets. Since then it is used for transferring digital files, tethering internet connections, using a wireless computer mouse, keyboards, printers, and gamepads, playing multiplayer games, locking doors and keys, and for various other purposes on cars.

On the other hand, absolute Bluetooth volume is a feature, not some kind of software. It is a technology that balances the volume of input and output devices on the same level. However, this could sometimes turn the tables on us and cause a relatively low sound on our paired earphones.

Therefore, turning off this option separates the volume of the connected device from the phone which allows us to increase the BT volume to its maximum capacity.

But before we start the process, we need to enable the ‘Developers Options’, otherwise, we’ll not find the appropriate settings. Now, there are different methods to access system settings in different mobile models. We’re assuming that you know how to access the phone settings.

Next, go to About Phone and randomly tap on MIUI Version 5 to 10 times. Once the developer’s options are activated, it will show a message “No Need. You are already a developer”.

Now, follow the instructions given below to disable absolute Bluetooth Volume on Android:

  1. Go to system settings.
  2. Tap Additional Settings.
  3. Select Developer Options.
  4. Enable the radio button for “Disable Absolute Volume”
  5. Done.

Final Verdict

This will fix most of the volume-related issues with connected Bluetooth devices such as lack of control or absolutely loud or very low sound. Hope this article helps you get a remedy for android disable absolute Bluetooth volume issue. Let us know in the comment below if you have any additional problems.