Autokit APK Download Latest Version 2022 For Android [Real]

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Get the authentic real and genuinely latest version of autokit apk download for android in 2022 which is 100% original, a driving assistant app. This software application helps you stay safe on the road by delivering audio instructions and directions. If you are visiting an unknown location or new route, Autokit is for you.

autokit apk download latest version

Autokit is an assistant application made for travelers that give you instructions and directions to reach the destination location safely. This app will help you even if you are lost in an unknown location if you provide access. Moreover, it tracks location using GPS in the presence of an internet connection to warn of any incoming obstacles.

It will connect to your car via Bluetooth and assist you to drive safely. So, if you want to discover more about the Autokit apk than just downloading it, read the entire article.

Let’s start.

AutoKit APK 2022 Details

NameAutokit APK
Operating SystemAndroid
Last Updated1 Day Ago
Size53 MB
CategoryAuto & Vehicles
Root RequiredNo


  • Android 4.0.4+ above
  • At least 100 MB of free internal disk space
  • A vehicle
  • Wireless connection

App Description

As you grant the app all the necessary permissions, it does not require any registration to access the features. The program will directly take you to Maps, displaying your current location. Then, it will ask you to set a destination for guiding the proper navigational directions. Plus, it can show the geographical north and south where you should head towards.

Likewise, we can switch the map view to orthographic traffic or satellite images. Besides English, there are dozens of other languages available in the settings for international users. We can also set the distance units to either Kilometers or Miles and change the color scheme to Day or Night.

However, people have reported that it causes overheating of devices and battery drainage. This is mainly due to the aggressive use of GPS, Gyroscope, Speedometer, and camera for better accuracy level. While the developers are working on solving these issues, it is always a better idea to charge the battery at full while you are on a long route.

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How to download autokit apk

Before learning to use the application, we must identify the operating system that the car is using. Not every vehicle that contains a touch screen with functions is running on Android. The best way to detect is by going into the home screen and checking out the apps. Basically, a device running on Android OS contains the Chrome app, “Google” itself, and Play Store.

On every phone or car, there’s a browser through which we can download the Auto application compatible with the system. However, this particular software is not available on the Google Play Store and has to be downloaded from our website. If you are using a dongle, the link is basically provided on the back of the cover. However, just to make it easier for you, we have provided an alternative download below.

Since it is not available on Play Store, you can’t find it by searching the name.  Therefore, open Chrome through the car’s system and enter in the URL box after connecting to the internet. After that, scroll down and type “Autokit” in the search box that will take you to this page.

When you are here, use the button below to save the file from Mediafire. Once you are taken to the download page, simply hit the blue download button in front of you. Then, the system will say “Chrome needs storage access to download files”. If you get this message, simply tap on “Continue” and then “Allow”. Next, select a download folder, rename it if you want to or skip it, and tap on “Save”.


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How to install autokit apk

Depending upon your internet speed, it might take a while to download the apk file. To check the progress, swipe the screen from top to bottom that will bring up the notifications bar.

After saving it to your device, go to the downloads folder and tap on the app name. Again if this is your first time, Android will show a warning. Just tap on “Settings” and turn on the “Allow from this source” radio button.

This is an optional step as if you have already downloaded apk files from Chrome before, this message will not appear. After that, press the back button and select “Install”. When the system is done processing the installation, tap on “done”. If you see any kind of message appearing on the screen, click on “Ok”. Then go to the home screen and check the apps drawer to locate the application.

How do I use Autokit APK

Now that the application is successfully attached to our system, connect the USB Dongle to the Android Head Unit. After that, tap on the “AutoKit” app to launch the software. As you open it for the first time, it will ask for permissions that you need to grant by pressing on all the “Allow” buttons.

The following permissions are mandatory for the app to function properly:

  • Storage device (Photos, Medias, and Files)
  • Record Audio
  • Take pictures and record video

Now, we are about to connect our actual phone to the vehicle. For the next step, open the settings of your Android mobile, and turn on the Bluetooth. Scan all the surrounding BT devices, and tap on the name of your car’s BT. In most of the cars, the name of the BT device is found on the top left corner just below the wifi and BT icon.

Once both the devices are paired, a message on the car’s screen will appear that says “Switched to automatic connection mode”. It will then completely change the interface and you can lock the phone’s display controlling everything directly through the vehicle.

The main motto of all of this was to use the phone’s GPS system to display the map and the auto now has access to it. Plus, there’ll be a dialer if you want to make calls on a loudspeaker. Depending upon your vehicle’s model such as Chevrolet, BMW, or any other, the dongle will provide a few additional apps that you can practice using in your free time on your own.

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Autokit APK Not Working Fix

Some users have complained that autokit 2022 apk stopped working after the installation. This problem is mostly reported in Huawei or Samsung Galaxy S20 mobile devices of 1920×720 wide-screen resolution. To fix this, you need to allow permissions for “Display over other apps” that pop up as you launch the app for the first time.

Moreover, on some devices, you need to visit Settings > Additional Settings > Accessibility > More Downloaded Services. Then tap on “Autokit” and turn on the radio button for “Accessibility”. Then select “Ok” to confirm the action. This will grant permissions to the app to launch Google Maps automatically.


On the contrary, it is made for mobile devices that are built on android 4.0.1 or newer versions. If your device has an operating system older than this, then it won’t be compatible and fail to work.

AutoKit helps us to find destination directions, play music, and synchronize the device with the vehicle. I hope that you were able to download autokit apk through any of the available buttons above. If there are new releases or want to report a problem with downloading, feel free to contact us. Safe Travels!