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Download the complete lyrics of Hanuman Chalisa Bengali PDF in A4 printable size with lots of facts and mysteries about Lord Maruti. One of the most beloved deities worldwide is the Hindu god Hanuman. He is the spiritual Vanara friend of Rama, the central figure in Valmiki’s Ramayana.

hanuman chalisa bengali pdf download

Likewise, Hanuman, the monkey-headed God known for wisdom, devotion, & compassion, is the son of Vayu (the wind deity). The Brahmanda Purana also mentions that Maruti was the eldest offspring of Anjana and Kesari. Similarly, the Narada Purana describes the legendary hero as a great vocalist. Narad Muni gave him the title master singer in gratitude for his great blessing.

Similarly, Bengali is an Indo-Aryan/Iranian/European language mostly famous in Bengal, India, and Bangladesh, like Gujarati. It is the second-highest spoken accent in India, with more than 69 million speakers covering 8.30% of the total population. Plus, 98% of inhabitants in Bangladesh speak Bengali as an official national language.

Hanuman Chalisa Bengali PDF Details

NameHanuman Chalisa Bengali (হনুমান্ চালীসা)
Number of Pages7
File Size503 KB
WriterGoswami Tulsidas
Translated ByAim4Slam Author Team
License TypeFreeware
CategoryHindu Mantra
Original LanguageAwadhi
Original Version Released On15th Century

Introduction to Hanuman

Hanuman was the commander of the Vanaras and devoted all his energy to worshiping Lord Rama. Because of his will to serve his master, he avoided physical fatigue. This exemplary character epitomizes the concept of Dasya Bhava devotion, which binds a servant to a master.

When he was young, he accidentally misconfigured his jaw, trying to eat the sun. His mouth became swollen due to Bajra of Indra, and he was named “Hanuman.” Besides, Maruti has many names, including Anjaneya, Pavan Putra, and Bajrang Bali.

He is also known as Veeranjaneya when ferocious, Dhayananjaneya when meditating, and Bhaktanjaneya during devotion. In addition to his role in the incarnation of Lord Shiva, Hanuman is famous for his friendliness and calmness. He is strong omnipotence and inspiring figure in mythology loved by Hindu society for so many years.

The multiple Dohas of Bengali Hanuman Chalisa PDF help defeat fear and negativity to gain inner strength. The first verse eliminates doshas that have been caused by ill-treatment, mistreatment, and hardship. The second Doha of Hanumancharita will give you a greater desire to worship God.

Hanuman Chalisa Origination and Tips

Tulsidas wrote this hymn in Awadhi, a Hindu language. It is one of his most famous works and can be read in many languages. Many people chant The Hanuman Chalisa during the night. It is believed to ward off evil and remove sins from one’s life when recited.

These forty verses are especially effective in challenging relationships, business, and other issues. Moreover, these verses were composed while Goswami was in prison. This mantra assesses Hanuman, the saviour for Rambola Dubey, who was imprisoned under Emperor Akbar’s orders.

According to Swami Dattavadhut, we must recite it 4000-5000 times in our entire lifespan to get the benefits. So, depending upon your time management, you can chant the mantra 7 to 10x a day. But if you want to do devotion deeply and accurately, chant it 108 times a day. This is a fact written in the second last verse of the Chaupai available in the Chalisa itself.

This mantra is a vital part of Hinduism, and it brings inner peace and freedom from worldly bonds. You can also make an offering of 2 Betel cloves and sweets on Tuesdays or Saturdays. This can be achieved by chanting the Ram-Naam or offering this Chalis. The Chalisa can also protect your horoscope from the effects of Rahu.

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