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Discover amazing facts with A4 size printable Hanuman Chalisa in Kannada PDF download ಹನುಮಾನ್ ಚಾಲೀಸಾ bhajan prayer. A million devotees of Lord Shiva worship this Mantra with an aspiration to gain strength and intelligence. Believers consider it highly effective in obliterating surrounding negative energies & replacing them with positive vibes.

hanuman chalisa in kannada pdf

Now, Kannada is a Dravidian and administrative language in India, Karnataka, spoken by approximately 43 million people. Besides, it was the official court accent in multiple South Indian dynasties and royal families before the unification and democracy.

In the present date, Kannada ranks number 10 in the highest vocalized language. It covers 4.84% of the Indian population, according to census data recorded in 2011. For this huge number of Kannada followers, we have translated this hymn by Goswami accurately in their native tongue. Not only that, read interesting facts about Hanuman and how chanting this Mantra can make your life better.

Let’s start.

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Origin Story of Hanuman

Anjana was an Apsara (elf or angel) living in the divine mansion of Brahma. A sage gave her a curse that her beautiful face would turn into a monkey whenever she fell in love with anyone. Soon, she fell in love with the Vanaras king Kesari and married him.

Now, she was a devotee of Lord Shiva and started penance (meditation) for him. Mahakal was impressed by sacrifice and gave her a boon that she would soon receive him in the form of her son.

Later, King Dashrath performed a yajna to achieve a son. After completing the ritual, the sages provided Kheer (sweet pudding) that his wives must eat. An eagle stole a small portion of the dish from queen Kaushlya’s plate.

The bird gave the food to Lord Vayu, who took it to Anjana. Considering that it was an offering from Lord Shiva, Anjana ate the pudding that had divine magical powers. As a result, Maruti was born and also given the nickname Pavanputra.

Meaning of Hanuman

There’s not a warrior born till this era who can stand toe to toe with Lord Hanuman. Even the ruler of Lanka, Ravana (Dashanan), fell for his mightiness. Despite being powerful, intelligent, and supreme qualities, there’s no ego inside Bajrangbali.

Shree Hanuman thought the Sun was one riped yellow mango and flew in the sky to chase the Sun during his childhood. Indra Dev saw a child flying towards the Sun in outer space and trying to eat it by growing large.

He was unknown about the fact that he was going to face off with the avatar of Shiva. In an attempt to stop Hanuman, all of his weapons failed. Then, he used Bajra, one of the most powerful divine weapons in Hinduism.

As a result of this attack, the face of Maruti was deformed and given the name Hanuman. In the Sanskrit language, ‘Hanu’ stands for jaw and “Maan” means distorted or deformed.

Improve Concentration

To walk on the path taught by Rama is the core value and responsibility for Maruti. Every Hindu follower knows Hanuman is the most awake Deva in Kali Yuga (Modern Era). Still, he bodily rambles for the well-being of his devotees to this date due to immortality.

Hanuman Chalisa is the most popular poem to impress the eleventh Rudra reincarnation of Shiva. Such a creation gives the perception of Anjaneya’s qualities inside a human. One can evaluate their strength, faith, and responsibilities by regularly chanting this hymn.

However, despite worshipping regularly, not everyone gets all the gain from his eternal. Some accidental mistakes can prevent them from getting positive results.

Most people don’t keep their minds stable while worshipping. Their lips may utter the Mantras, but their brain is lost in the thoughts of relationships, tensions, and businesses. They act like completing the formalities to impress God, which is not enough.

To prove our perseverance, eliminate everything from the head and focus during the prayers. It is extremely difficult to control our thoughts, but we can concentrate on one area only with regular practice and meditation.

Therefore, dedicate your entire soul while chanting the text, not just in the case of Hanuman Chalisa but all other Hindu texts as well.

Devotion of Selfishness

Bajrang Bali has the highest number of temples in India, even more than Lord Rama. There’s not a single town in Bharat where you cannot find a Hanuman temple. Plus, the number of Mahavira devotees is increasing day after day.

It’s no secret that every person starts praying for Him when he’s in trouble. But does not necessarily mean that his devotion is selfish. That’s when people get confused because everyone asks something from God when they’re in grief.

For example, when individuals face troubles and problems, they visit the Lord’s asylum, perform true commitments, and dedicate themselves. This activity will immediately impress Mahatejasa, leading to clearing obstacles in their path.

However, after everything goes right, but the person stops praying to him from pure heart, we consider it a devotion of selfishness. So, those who remain close to him even during happiness periods have selfless faith.

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Karma and Faith

Moreover, do good Karma along with constant devotion. Many people have dark secrets and do bad Karma, due to which their prayers do not work.

Think yourself, on one side, you are praying in a temple, and when you exit the place, engage in sins. It could be anything like intentionally putting an innocent in problems, usurping wealth, provoking, etc.

Then, how can you expect your prayers to reach God himself? Always remember this “The supreme being neither punishes nor forgives anyone. Our Karma is the cause behind all the happiness and griefs.”

We do our best to get out of trouble by worshipping texts and taking oaths. But some lack patience and doubt Him without believing in anything. Also, due to laziness, they lose their minds and forget the promises they take while praying.

Likewise, not everyone these days is a hardcore religious follower. They don’t act per all the rules written in the scriptures about devotion. Upon staying in their comfort zone, they want to achieve everything.

Forget about the strict rules; they don’t even follow the simple and easy directives. Such practices are wearing clean clothes during prayers, cleansing the shelter, staying away from non-veg food and Madeira drinks, bathing before the rituals, and more.

In this modern age, there are various circumstances where we can’t follow all the religious rules. But we can at least perform these simple activities in our control.

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1. Which poet has written the holy Hanuman Chalisa?

By birth, the real name Rambola Dubey, also known as Goswami Tulsidas, wrote Hanuman Chalisa.

2. When is Hanuman Jayanti?

Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated on different dates based on the horoscope in India and Nepal. It will be celebrated on Saturday, April 16, 2022.

3. Where is Hanuman now?

Hindus believe that Lord Hanuman can change his form, shape, size, and appearance. So, even if he is around anybody, they won't recognize him. According to legends, Pavan Putra visits the Setuu Hanuman Bodhi sanctuary every 41 years. However, they claim that there're certain rule books that one must follow in that particular year of his visit to witness him. It is still being investigated whether those claims are real or just rumors.

4. Where was Hanuman born?

He was born in Kishkindha to Anjana and Keshari. The location is situated in Hampi, Bijaynagar district, Karnataka, India.

Disclaimer: All the sentences, facts, statements, and explanations above are taken from various sources in Hinduism, such as books, scriptures, and tales. They do not represent our author’s opinions or core values of the website itself in any way. We are just an information publishing portal that references other origins.