Hanuman Chalisa PDF Gujarati Download (શ્રી હનુમાન ચાલીસા)

Get the direct download of Hanuman Chalisa PDF Gujarati language (શ્રી હનુમાન ચાલીસા) in A4 printable size with details and mysterious facts. Composed in the 15th century by Rambola Yadav (Goswami Tulsidas), a Stotra of forty verses convey Bajrangbali. Initially released in Awadhi, it is now translated in multi-language, including Gujarati that you can find here.

hanuman chalisa pdf gujarati

On the other hand, Gujarati is a branch of Indo-Aryan and Indo-European language family mainly spoken in Gujarat, India. It is also widely popular in Iran, Europe, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, and South Africa. According to the 2011 census, India alone has 55 million speakers covering 4.58% of the total population.

Lord Maruti himself has over 108+ names in different cultures, mainly Hinduism, back to the main topic. Even this Hanuman Chalisa in Gujarati pdf has translations in hundreds of languages, including Hindi, English, and more. While the most common use of this mantra is to eliminate negative energies, it is equally beneficial in other rituals.

Let’s begin.

Hanuman Chalisa PDF Gujarati Details

Nameશ્રી હનુમાન ચાલીસા (Shree Hanuman Chalisa PDF Gujarati)
FormatPortable Document Format
WriterGoswami Tulsidas
Released On15th Century
File Size457 KB
Original AccentAwadhi
Paper SizeA4
Number of Pages6
Translated ByAim4Slam Author Team
License TypeFreeware
CategoryHindu Prayers

Boons from Devatas

In his childhood, Hanuman flew to eat the Sun, thinking it was a mango. He didn’t stop even when Rahu tried to convince him. Then, Rahu called Indra Dev for backup.

Indra, almost defeated, used the divine Bajra weapon as his last option to stop Hanuman. It strikes right on the jaw of kid Maruti due to which he fell on Earth.

This act made Vayu Dev furious, the spiritual father of Hanuman, the God of air & wind. He left Earth, taking all the air and oxygen away with him and soaking everything inside.

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As a result, all the living creatures on Earth couldn’t breathe and started to die. The Devatas feared for this untoward end of lives, and they immediately stopped the flow of time. The clock stopped ticking, and everything in this universe stopped moving except the deities.

After that, Indra Dev apologized to Vayu Dev and returned the damages that the Bajra had done. All the Hindu Gods surrounded Maruti and gave him thousands of boons with magical powers to make Vayu happy.

VarunDev made Maruti immune to water disasters, and AgniDev made him fire-resistant. Surya Dev, The Sun, gave him abilities to achieve diminutive and gigantic forms. Plus, many other deities such as Brahma and Shiva blessed him with magical boons. Only after that does Vayu return the air to Earth, and time starts moving again.

Story of Hanuman losing powers

It is no doubt that Hanuman is the favorite God among all the Hindu deities. Almost every Hindu kid knows most details about Maruti. Still, only a few might know hidden facts and stories about Bajrang Bali.

Since Anjaneya was the eleventh avatar of Shiva, he had supernatural abilities and powers. Hanuman was enormous mischief in his childhood. He used to spread and spoil the items of holy sages in the jungles.

Most of the sages used to forgive him, thinking he was only a kid. But things got out of hand when he carried a Chautara of the tree and placed it on a high altitude of hills. A sage was meditating and doing penance beneath the tree.

When the Rishi opened his eyes, he lost his cool and cursed Hanuman that he would forget all his magical powers until someone reminded him. This curse was cured years later when Jambavat unfolded the abilities of Maruti while they were in search of Sita.

Hanuman in Mahabharata

It is no secret that Hanuman is one of the immortals of Cheeranjivis. He is not only mentioned in Ramayana but also in Mahabharata. His first encounter was with Bheema. He disguised as a meditating monkey to burn the ego of Bheema, a complete story is written in our Telugu pdf version.

Now, when the war of Kurukshetra was over, Krishna asked Arjun to get down from his chariot. Krishna thanked Hanuman for sitting on top of the Rath, forming a statue, and protecting them in the battle.

Then, lord Hanuman came into his natural form from the statue on the top of the chariot. He then praised the warriors and left towards his next destination. But the moment he left, the chariot of Arjuna turned into ashes.

Krishna then said that the chariot would have been destroyed a long time ago due to the effects of divine weapons used by the enemies if Lord Hanuman was not protecting them.

How to worship Lord Hanuman

The actual mythological process of worshipping Lord Hanuman is quite strict. Even if you chant Hanuman Chalisa 365 days a year, it won’t be beneficial if you don’t follow some fundamental rules. Starting, Maruti was pure vegetarian and free from intoxication and impurities.

Before praying for him, you must adopt vegan eating habits. Keep your body free from meat and non-veg recipes. Moreover, do not consume alcoholic drinks and Madeira products after becoming a devotee.

Plus, we worship Hanuman on Tuesday and Saturday by visiting a nearby temple. Always keep your shelter and worshipping area clean by removing dust, odors, spider webs, and other agents. Besides, taking a bath in a holy river or clean, pure water is necessary before performing the rituals.

Most importantly, while worshipping, keep your mind concentrated on the Matra. Just remember God and remove everything from your head at the time. Whether it’s business problems, relationship issues, or any other tension, forget that and focus your mind.

Don’t visit temples just for the sake of completing formalities. Your heart, soul, and mind must connect to the deity when you pray. If you have trouble creating a focus, go for regular meditation.

Likewise, below are the essential items for Hanuman Pooja. If there’s a sage or pundit, he shall handle the rest.

  • Sesame Oil
  • 108 Akshata
  • Sindhooram or Kumkum
  • Water
  • Diya
  • Incense Sticks
  • Flowers
  • Prasad (fruits)
  • Photo or Sculpture/Statue of Bajrangbali
  • 5 bananas
  • 108 betel leaves

Gujarati Hanuman Chalisa PDF Download

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1. Which language did Lord Hanuman speak?

Every character in Hindu mythology spoke the Sanskrit language, including Lord Hanuman.

2. Which mountain did Hanuman carry?

When Lakshman and other armies of Rama were heavily injured by a sneak attack from Indrajit, Ravana's son, they were in desperate need of medicinal herbs. Jambavat advised that are magical herbs located in the Himalayas and sent Hanuman to bring the solution. When Hanuman reached the Dronagiri mountain, he could not identify the Sanjeevani herbs.

Plus, there were more wounded soldiers that needed healing. Therefore, Hanuman carried some parts of the Dronagiri Mountain and brought them to Rama's camp. Remember, Dronagiri is the name of the mountain he carried, and Sanjeevani is the name of the medicinal herbs.

3. Who is the father of Hanuman?

Hanuman has different names, PavanPuta, means son of Pavan Dev (the god of wind). However, PavanDev was only his spiritual father. The real name of Hanuman's biological father was Kesari, and Anjana was the mother.

4. How to learn Hanuman Chalisa?

The best and fastest way to learn and memorize Hanuman Chalisa is to recite it hundreds of times in a week. Moreover, listen to the recording of Hanuman Chalisa bhajan sung by Hariran, produced by Gulshan Kumar and T-series. Also, we can practice by writing those forty verses manually on paper and then pronouncing it loud.

Final Words

We hope that you were able to download hanuman Chalisa pdf gujarati using the above button. Not only that, we have hundreds of other exclusive translations of this mantra on our website with more facts. Be sure to bookmark us right now for more updates in the future.