Hanuman Chalisa PDF Telugu Download (Legendary Hindu Mantra)

A complete lyrics download of the legendary Hindu mantra Hanuman Chalisa PDF Telugu in A4 printable size with tons of amazing facts. This detailed article contains more to read than the complete lyrics in Portable Document Format. Learn about the origin, stories, and mysteries hidden in this popular hymn.

Hanuman Chalisa PDF Telugu Download

But first, Telugu is one of the highly spoken native languages 0f people living in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh of India. It is famous for releasing the best South Indian Cinema movies, such as Pushpa. Goldmines Telefilms is responsible for dubbing and translating Telugu movies in Hindi and other languages. It is the movie channel on YouTube with the highest views, more than the Bollywood industry.

On the other hand, Telugu is an official language in various districts of West Bengal. It is also one of the largest accents in the country that ranks in the fourth spot with over 82 million speakers. Plus, many countries in South Africa protect and accept it as a minority tongue. This article is about the Telugu translation with facts about the Hanuman Chalisa.

Hanuman Chalisa PDF Telugu Details

Nameహనుమాన్చాలీసా (Hanuman Chalisa)
TypePDF (Portable Document Format)
File Size788 KB
Page SizeA4 (8.27" x11.69")
Written ByGoswami Tulsidas
Translated ByAim4Slam.com
PurposeHindu Mantra
Release Date15th Century (Around 500 Years Ago)

Origin and Author Intro

Goswami Tulsidas (13 August 1532 – 31 July 1623) was an Indian poet, writer, and saint. He has contributed to writing multiple Hindu books and poems. Original name Rambola Dubey by birth has recognition as the reincarnation of author Valmiki.

When Tulsidas was born, he yelled the name of Lord Rama instead of crying, according to multiple sources and the poem written by himself “Vinaya Patrika.” That was the sole reason behind giving him the first name after the name of Lord Rama.

It is not a secret that he was a very popular author in Sanskrit literature, still praised. Throughout his career, he released the following twelve books:

  1. Ramcharitmanas
  2. Dohavali
  3. Kavitawali
  4. Gitavali
  5. Shree Krishna Geetavali
  6. Vinaya Patrika
  7. Barvai Ramayana
  8. Parvati Mangal
  9. Janaki Mangal
  10. Ramalala Nahachhu
  11. Ramagya Prashna
  12. Vairagya Sandipani

Hanuman Chalisa was released by Tulsidas in Sanskrit as the original language during the reign of the third Mughal emperor Akbar. At the time, there were rumours about miracles done by Rombola. Somehow, it got into the ears of the ruler, and he ordered Tulsidas to show up in his palace.

Akbar gave orders to Tulsidas to show miracles before him in person. However, Tulsidas refused, claiming he was just a devotee and did not perform it for clout. Due to this reply, Akbar got raged and sentenced Goswami to imprisonment.

So, the origin of Hanuman Chalisa starts like this when Tulsidas chanted the mantra for forty days straight. In the end, a big swarm of monkeys, aka Vanaras, was summoned into the town. They destroyed everything creating mass havoc. Akbar was scared of the fall of his kingdom and thus released Goswami.

Facts and Beliefs

All know that Hanuman Chalisa is a poem and a mantra chanted by Hindu followers on Tuesdays and Sundays. However, many legends explain that it has significance in science as we have in our previous English version.

Starting, Lord Hanuman himself wrote the first Ramayana using his nail in Lanka while he searched for Sita. But when Valmiki realized this, he turned very upset. Lord Maruti saw this and threw his version of the Ramayana in the sea to make the saint happy.

Again, most of you who have heard the tales of Mahabharata know that Bheem encountered a meditating monkey. Bhim tried to move him out of the way but couldn’t even slide his tail. It was an intentional act by Hanuman disguised as the monkey to humble egoistic Bheema. But do you know that both Mahakal and Bheem are spiritual brothers? They both were “Pavan Putra,” trans. Spiritual sons of Lord Pavan (God of Air & Wind).

Likewise, before the death of Rama, he took the help of Lord Brahma to send Hanuman to Patala Lok. When his time to leave Earth came, he knew the abilities of Hanuman. His biggest devotee would not bear the loss and could create a serious threat to the universe. To prevent this, Hanuman was sent to the Patala realm, and when he returned, Rama was gone.

Similarly, in Sanatan Dharma, you have to chant this mantra or the names of Hanuman and Rama 108 times. But it is a rare fact that Pavanputra has 108 names in Sanskrit. Each of the names interconnects with his biography and describes the different parts of his life.

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Benefits of Chanting Hanuman Chalisa

As the immortal Chiranjeevi, Shree Hanuman is very kind towards his devotees. A regular prayer of this mantra is very simple and easy. Let’s discover some of the amazing and magical benefits of reading Hanuman Chalisa PDF regularly.

  1. Eliminate negative energies, evil spirits, and ghosts around you.
  2. Reduce the impact of Lord Shani in the horoscope.
  3. Get rid of Rahu and Ketu’s rage.
  4. Find motivation to fight against diseases.
  5. Increase self-confidence, strength, and enlightenment, making the brain sharper.
  6. Become successful in minor to major professional works.
  7. Reduce stress and terminate nightmares.
  8. Get strength to settle down during financial problems and losses.

Hanuman Chalisa Telugu PDF Download

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Wrapping Up

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