Plenix Clash APK Download 2022 Hack Unlimited Everything

Get Plenix Clash apk download 2022 with unlimited troops, infinite gold, elixir, gems, and everything in this clash of clans mod hack. COC is one of the highest-grossing and remarkably admired strategy games of the past decade. It started the trend of gaming on android receiving over 500+ million installs.

Plenix Clash APK Download 2022 unlimited everything

Likewise, this application is the plenix clash of clans hack apk version with original features and new attributes. It provides you with unlimited money and coins free of cost which is 100% authentic. Besides, your progress will not reset after uninstalling and replacing the app for updates.

Moreover, the game is coded by third-party developers on a private server to protect your original COC account. By using this plenix clash mod apk 2022, it won’t affect your actual Supercell data. Also, you’ll get to play with hundreds of premium players already using the app.

Isn’t that astonishing? Let’s start.

Plenix Clash APK Download 2022 Details

App NamePlenix Clash APK
App StatusUpdated
CategoryAndroid Games
DeveloperPlenix Clash
Updated30 July, 2022
Size184.4 MB
RequirementAndroid 4.0 and up
Operating SystemAndroid

App Images

100 electro dragons in plenix clash apk

What’s New

  • Unlimited Gems, Troops, Gold & Elixir.
  • All Troops Unlocked.
  • Join Clans & Play Wars
  • Unlock Achievements
  • All upgrades are done for just 1 coin.
  • Match search for 10 gold only.
  • Replays available.
  • Custom skins for heroes and TH.


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  • Android 4.0+ higher version
  • 500 MB of free internal storage
  • 2 GB Ram minimum for smooth running.
  • Root is not necessary, works perfectly fine without rooting.


Game Description

PlenixClash is one of the most popular versions of Clash of Clans coming with a heavily improved private server. It has millions of downloads and supports unlimited data. The developers have heavily invested in the servers that are active 24/7 and 365 days a year.

Moreover, it has a strong database that can store every player and new clans without downtime. This app does not collect any kinds of usernames and passwords, nor does it prompt you to enter one.

Now, you might be wondering why we don’t allow modifications on the original Supercell servers. Well, we have already explained what a server is and how it works in our previous article. If you want to learn more about how a server works, be sure to check out our last mod page.

Note: In some cases, you might have to change unknown source installation settings first.


This version of COC Mod comes with the following features.

  • Unlimited Gems, Gold & Elixir.
  • All Troops Unlocked.
  • Best 3D Graphics.
  • Use infinite gems to buy Dark Elixir
  • Maximum town hall level 14 i.e. TH14
  • Upgrade TH to full to unlock more scenery.
  • Join Clans & Play Wars
  • Unlock Achievements
  • Upgrade everything with just 1 coin.
  • Unlimited Troops
  • Finding a match costs 10 gold only.
  • Replays available.
  • Custom skins for heroes and TH.
  • Find more characteristics inside the game.

Server Information

Still, if you don’t want to read the last article, we will explain a few things here at a glance. The source code of this game is not written by SuperCell but by third-party developers. They make use of the fan content policy of Supercell to produce the item. It means that the developers do not have the access to the original servers of COC.

Therefore, the makers of this game have purchased their own server by investing real money in it. This is just a hard work of an individual aiming to provide you entertainment for free. Although the host is not original, it is still 100% safe and secure to download and use. This game is scanned by plenty of trusted antivirus programs and no vulnerabilities were found.

Author Review

This is by far the best COC mod ever made, better than the Null’s Clash due to exciting reasons. Starting off, it is amusing to find that this version provides millions and billions of coins for free. The overall interface, design, and functions are the same as the original clash of clans game.

On the other hand, this game allows us to upgrade every item by investing just 1 Gold or Elixir. Plus, it provides a great time-saving relief as all the buildings take only 2 seconds to complete construction. Moreover, it also records attack replays that were not available in the previous mods. The overall experience with the game was superbly entertaining and funny as it run smoothly and flawlessly.

The best part about this plenix clash unlimited troops is that the default capacity of soldiers is 100. You get infinite army camp starting from level 1 town hall. Isn’t that crazy?

I trained 100 electro dragons for the first time in TH1 and attacked. The screenshot above is of the 100 Electro Dragons in army camp. They are not even fitting in the radius.

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1. Is there an apk for clash of clans unlimited everything?

Yes, the application for COC unlimited is already present on our website. The good news is that you don't have to purchase the coins anymore because the owner of the server provides everything for free.

2. Can I play Clash of Clans on my PC?

Yes, we are aiming to publish the desktop version of COC for computer users. Till then, you can play COC on a PC using any android emulators such as Bluestacks, Nox, Android Studio, and more.

3. How many people play clash of clans?

COC was initially released for the iOs users and later it was converted into an android app by Supercell whose headquarters are located in Finland. Even after 8 years of success, the game still has a craze and is very popular among Android smartphone users. According to data released by multiple sources online, it is believed that around 1.5 million to nearly 2 million people worldwide play Clash of Clans.

4. How to get free gems in clash of clans?

This version of COC provides 100 million gems for free. Even if you ever run out of gems, you don't need to buy them as they will reset to 100M every time you restart the game. If you want to learn the alternative methods of gaining free gems, then it is easy. For non-mod users, you can get free gems by clearing the bushes, completing tasks, daily challenges, and reaching milestones of achievements. Moreover, there is Gem Mine inside the builder hall which is very beneficial for this process.

5. How to change name in clash of clans?

To change the name in COC, tap on the gear icon at the bottom right corner of the screen, located just above the "Shop" button. After that, click on "More Settings" and select "Change Name". Please note that this feature is only available when your town hall reaches level 5.

6. how to earn league medals in clash of clans?

We can earn league medals after playing wars and the leader of the clan decides the worthy players that get the medals. This is highly available in the War Leagues that continue for over 7 days and the medals are handed over at the end.

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Final Words

Purchasing or earning the gold is very difficult in the original version as it is very expensive. Not every single player can afford to buy the gems by investing real cash. If you try to grow without investing, it would take you years to reach the maximum level. A single upgrade consumes weeks to complete.

Therefore, we hope that this Plenix Clash apk download 2022 proves to be extremely beneficial. It helps you climb the ladder quickly and make progress in your village.

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