Miro Clash MOD APK 2022 Latest Version COC Hack Download

Download the newest update of miro clash mod apk 2022 latest version hack for unlimited gems in clash of clans with thrilling features. Among plenty of mods already available on our website, this is the most special COC for various reasons. Get new troops such as the lava pup, and more with unlimited resources and housing space.

miro clash mod apk 2022 hack clash of clans mod apk

Despite a huge fan following and popularity, coc players need uttermost patience for progress and village development. It costs you hours of gameplay and a huge investment to reach level 14 town hall. That is when gems make the job easier by reducing the construction time to instant upgrade. Unfortunately, gems are not 100% free and cost money to stuck players.

Therefore, we are presenting you with this miroclash latest version 2022 where everything is available free of cost. Plus, I will also guide you on the methods to install it and upgrade with no time barriers.

Miro Clash MOD APK 2022 Details

App NameMiro Clash MOD APK
App StatusUpdated
CategoryAndroid Games, Clash of Clans
UpdatedAugust 2, 2022
Size122.3 MB
RequirementAndroid 4.4 and up
Operating SystemAndroid

App Images

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  • 500 MB of free internal storage
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Internet Connection
  • Any graphics card work

What’s New

  • Unlimited Troops
  • New custom buildings
  • Unlimited Gems and coins
  • Instant construction and upgrades


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4.6/5 - (46 votes)

Game Description & Review

This version of the ‘Clash of Clans’ mod works exactly like the original game. The developer team of MiroClash 2022 created this hacked COC by changing the server to private. They added a lot of features and introduced new heroes, resources, defense, and armies.

Still, it has thousands of clans and active players giving the feel of a real strategy android game. Among the hundreds of top-rated strategy games, COC still secures a position in the top 3 after a decade. I like the fact that we can add up to 200 same buildings.

However, the area radius of the village is the same and there’s not much space to add all the items. I will leave the mathematics up to you because there are over 30-40 new buildings.

If you multiply each of them by 200, you can calculate the necessary space. Therefore, you should be very wise while selecting new products. It is not possible to remove them later once they are assigned.

The lack of enough room to add all the buildings is the only drawback of this mod. Besides that, I really enjoyed the fact that they bring old retired troops. My favorite is Lava pup and the presence of 5000 spaces inside an army camp. There is not a single village that I cannot beat in this miro clash of clans hack.

Plus, the spells have the same quantity of housing space. So, I can train unlimited Lightning Spells to destroy all the enemy defense. Finally, I can drop the attack units to finish up destroying the resource buildings. It is 4.5 out of 5-star ratings from the author’s side testing the game in real-time.

New Features (Updates)

New Buildings: There are new buildings that were not available in the original clash of clans. All the items and defenses from Builder Hall can now be placed in the regular main village. Plus, those structures are available in a large quality up to 200 per item. The new buildings include different towers of dragons, wizards, baby dragons, minions, and more.

Unlimited Gems: The unlimited gems refill on each restart of the game. In addition to that, it gives infinite Gold and Elixir. However, the Dark Elixirs are not there by default and you have to build storage for it. Then, you can purchase black elixirs using gems that never run out.

Unlimited Troops: The maximum level of Army Camp (Lvl. 11) has a capacity of 1000 and all five of them bring 5000 rooms for troops. Also, each troop can be stored in a housing space of 5 only. The best part is that the training cost is 5 elixir and the time is zero seconds. It makes all the warriors train instantly without making us wait.

Upgrades: It is surprising that all the buildings and units are unlocked in TH1 by default. Moreover, they can be upgraded by using just 5 gold or related coins. Plus, the upgrades and new items do not take much time to complete and finish in just 3 seconds.

Isn’t that interesting? You can discover more cool features inside the coc hack app.

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How to play Miro Clash 2022?

MiroClash apk download latest version 2022 is simple and addictive, yet easy to play. As you launch the game for the first time, the archer will give you on-screen instructions. Those guides will help you understand most parts of the game. After completing the tutorial, simply click on the “Shop” button to purchase resources, armies, and defense for your village. As you tap on a structure, you can simply upgrade it using the available coins. This will increase its level along with the upgrades.

COC is more of a marathon than a sprint. Our goal is to reach the highest level of Town Hall 14 and win wars for our clan. At the end of each war, Bonus Loot is provided and stored in the Clan Castle. In the regular COC, the CC is available when your TH upgrades to level 4. It helps you to join or create clans, donate troops, participate in wars, and talk with team members.

Be aware that, COC is really fun to play at the beginning and the matchmaking is perfect. Many players check the rankings and try to rush to a higher TH level trying to be the #1 player. Always remember that the attacks or defenses are based on your Town Hall level. If you upgrade TH without working on other units, it could turn devastating for your village.

Suppose if you to TH9 and other items are LVL 1, you will have to battle with heavy villages. It is nearly impossible to win a defense or attack with lower attributes. Therefore, only upgrade your TH when all the other items are fully upgraded to their maximum level.

Plus, when you attack, destroying TH gives one star. 50% damage gives another star, and 100% damage gives all three stars. More stars mean more loot bonuses and better trophies. So, when other players attack your village, the most vulnerable target for them would be your Town Hall. Therefore, always protect it using the walls and place it in the center surrounded by other defense structures.

Moreover, you can visit TH of experienced players to analyze their layouts and copy them. Likewise, we can also learn various attacking strategies by observing the clan wars or by challenging friends in the clan. Overall, this is the general idea of how to play the clash of clans mobile game. On the other hand, you will continuously learn things by observation as you make progress.

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Answering Questions

1. how to get free gems in clash of clans?

There are very few methods to get free gems in clash of clans if you are not using a hack. First of all, you can clear all the obstacles such as trees, stones, bushes, trunks, and gem boxes. The second option is to complete the achievements that are listed under your profile section. Third, upgrade the "Gem Mine" in the Builder's Hall village. Last but not least, you can use redeem codes found inside the "Google Play Rewards" app in available countries.

2. how to hack clash of clans 2022?

Please be warned that we don't want to freak you out while revealing the truth. To hack anything, not just COC, we must have access to its source code to modify the game data. The source files of COC are not stored in your device but on a remote server of Supercell. That is why you require the internet to connect to the game server. As the Supercell hosts are highly protected, it is not possible to hack the original COC in any way, whether you like it or not.

All the different articles that you read about it online are obsolete and they never worked. They will just make you spin in the loop after loop and you will end up getting nothing. But, an experienced developer can modify the app data stored on your phone and connect it with a private server for fun. This is 100% legal as nothing is being modified in the original server. That is the real truth behind hacking the COC android game. So, don't fall into such traps and download our private server apk to test out various game parts for fun only, nothing more than that.

3. how to get redeem code for clash of clans?

Redeem codes are either gifted, purchased or earned. There are various websites that claim to provide COC redeem codes for free but we have never tested those codes. By the way, this only works in the original game and not on private servers because you cannot buy anything in such "Made for fun" servers.

In the original clash of clans, when you make any kind of In-App purchases, it will ask for payment methods where the option for Redeem Codes is located (might not be available for all countries). To earn such gifts, install the app known as "Google Opinion Rewards" and perform the survey tasks they give you. They will provide you with real credits upon completion of tasks that turn into Redeem Codes..

4. how to skip time in clash of clans without gems?

If you want to skip time in COC without using any gems, then there are various magic items, books, and power potions in the town hall that boost the time or finish the construction/upgrades instantly. Such items are earned by participation in War Leagues that last for over a week, daily tasks, and achievements. Moreover, there's Clock Tower in Builder Hall that boosts construction speed.

Final Verdict

Miro Clash mod apk 2022 is the best choice for custom characters, unlimited gems, coins, and troops. However, if you want to grow the real Supercell village, then these mods will not work. You will have to make progress by playing honestly or spending real money.

This version of COC Hack APK is for entertainment purposes only and is based on a private server. So, you will have to compromise on that and battle with other premium players in this modified application.

License Disclaimer

According to the developers, this game uses the “Fan Made Content Policy” of Supercell. They are non-commercial fan content that respects Supercell’s brand. Moreover, they don’t promote any bad content that would cheat the original Supercell servers.

All these servers are private, created for fun only. Moreover, please note that all these miroclash apk download 2022 are made by third-party individual freelance developers.

Also, our website is not the host of these apk files. We are neither the developers nor the owners of these applications. We only share information for educational purposes only.

Since we are not the developers, we do not account for any loss of data caused by such apps. So, you are downloading them at your own risk. We recommend scanning these files properly before installing them on your device.