Clash of Clans Servers List 2023 (Top 5 COC Private Servers)

Discover the top 5 best Clash of Clans servers list with updates, COC download links, and complete advanced features. Clash Of Clans is a legendary strategy game, a top fan choice for over a decade. Also, the original game also comes with mod apk versions under the fan content policy.

Private servers are different storage points for COC source codes where you will get unlimited everything. They provide you with an immeasurable amount of gems, gold, and troops at absolutely zero cost.

As cool as it might sound, not all hosts are secure and bug-free, having their own pros and cons. That is why we are presenting you with this list of the top 5 best clash of clans private server 2022 list tested manually by our team.

Luckily, this will provide you relief as we have done all the homework behind the scenes and made sure that these mods don’t affect the gaming experience.

Let’s start.

Best Clash of Clans Servers List

coc private server 2022

Starting off, we can show off millions of gems and coins to make our friends jealous. Again, we can easily reach Town Hall 14 and upgrade items to the maximum level instantly.

Moreover, if we have two devices, we can create separate accounts, put max troops in Clan Castle, and battle with heroes. Likewise, it gives us good content for YouTube videos. If we record those clips and share them on various platforms, they might get millions of views.

However, the drawback is that it won’t connect with the Supercell account. Our main account shall remain the same and no changes will be made to the original COC village.

Note: This article is neither approved nor affiliated with Supercell, any of the external third-party servers, or games listed here in any way. We are not doing any kind of paid promotion. We are sharing this information for fun and educational purposes only.

1. Null’s Clash

unlimited everything in nulls clash of clans

Null’s Clash (FHX) is one of the most famous clash of clans private server 2022 which is heavily distributed all over social media and YT. It comes with premium features of unlimited gold, gems, and elixirs. Best of all, the gems will reproduce themselves once you restart the game.

Below are all the features of this mod.

  • Gems = 6000,000
  • Gold = 20,000,000
  • Elixir = 20 million
  • Dark Elixir = 999,999
  • Fater upgrade time
  • Unlock all game assets
  • Train the army once and store them forever unless you decide to edit or remove them.
  • Clans, wars, and attacks are available
  • All skins unlocked

Download COC Private Server APK

2. Plenix Clash – Best COC Private Server 2022

100 electro dragons in plenix clash apk


Here comes one of the epic modified versions of clash of clans private server apk for various reasons. First, it provides billions of coins for free without having to spend any kind of real money. It provides the best in-game experience with a smooth interface and design as the original one.

Plenix Clash is one of the oldest releases of the best COC Mods that comes with the following features.

  • Unlimited Everything.
  • Unlock all troops, spells, buildings, and skins.
  • Maximum Town Hall Level 14.
  • Achievements, Clans, and Wars are available.
  • Upgrades can be done using just 1 gold or elixir.
  • Find a match using just 10 gold.
  • Attack replays are recorded.

Download Plenix Clash

3. Dark Soul Clash of Clans Private Server


clash of clans unlimited troops

Not just another version of COC MOD but a legendary private server made by the Dark Soul team. It has plenty of custom servers termed seasons 1-4 and each of them has various different features.

The highest downloaded is season 4 which comes with almost 1 billion worth of free gems, dark elixir, gold, and elixir. It was the first clash of clans mod that introduced new and old retired characters.


  • 1 Billion Free Coins
  • 5 Second time on upgrade and new constructions
  • Army camp capacity = 625
  • Spell Factory Capacity = 500 (level 1)
  • New heroes, troops, and a defense system.

COC Private Server Download 2022

4. Miro Clash of Clans Private Server 2022

new defenses in miro clash of clans mod apk

This private server by Miro Clash is similar to that of Dark Soul but with improved performance, speed, and features. It is also one of the highest-used COC MODs with over 10,000+ active monthly users.

It means that you will never run out of attacks, clan logs, and wars. Someone will always be active in the game to entertain you and the numbers are consistently growing. Not only COC, but Miro has Clash Royale hosts as well.


  • New Buildings, Troops, Resources, and Defense.
  • Each new village base item can be added up to 200 pieces.
  • 5000 troops capacity in all max-level army camps.
  • Everything unlocked.
  • Unlimited coins.
  • Zero troop train time.
  • Train cost = 5 gold/elixir

COC Private Server MOD APK

5. Clash of Lights

coc private server 2022 fhx mod

This is a premium coc server that is not only available for Android but also for windows. There are over 50K monthly users, one of the highest played private serves occupying 52% of the platforms.

Also, the host is always online with zero downtime allowing players to enjoy the game 24/7. It is one of the safest servers with proper uptime.


  • Unlimited Everything.
  • Replays available.
  • Hundreds of Clans and global chat.
  • Custom characters and buildings.
  • Five separate servers with unique characteristics.
  • Instant upgrades and no build time.

Download Clash of Lights


1. Which server is best for clash of clans?

Besides the regular supercell server, the original one, we really enjoy playing Plenix Clash. It is the best server based on our taste. Still, it depends upon your preferences about what you want in the game. So, all of these fan-made private servers are the best, and that's why they are on our list.

2. What are COC private servers?

A server is a facility or storage point, let's say memory, where all the content of a game is stored, like a physical hard disk, but operating from a remote location. Therefore, COC private servers use their own game data and modified hosts to provide a different gaming experience.

3. Are COC private servers safe?

We cannot guarantee anything because it depends upon the owner of the server. Yes, there are plenty of private servers that can be trusted. But, since they are not operated by the official supercell company, the risk factor is fifty-fifty.

4. Does supercell allow private servers?

Absolutely yes. They are reproduced under the fan-made policy.

5. How do you get a private server on Clash of Clans?

It requires advanced programming knowledge of Java, XML, and android development in order to modify the servers of COC. We can always purchase or rent servers from vendors such as Google Clouds, Amazon Gamelift, etc.

6. Are COC private servers legal?

Yes, clash of clans private servers are 100% legal and the Fan Content Policy provides permission to create similar custom-modified COC apps. These types of applications are primarily used for testing purposes and fixing the bugs in the original game as well as learning the fan demand.

Therefore, the fan-made COC app is legally approved for use. In the case of clash of clans, a private server is the one that uses a different host and data center other than the original Supercell server. All the source code and files.

Wrapping Up

Finally, we hope this article about the top 5 clash of clans servers list helped you. If you are looking for exciting changes and super entertaining COC gameplay, then the above top 5 hosts are the perfect choices. Be sure to bookmark us for more COC updates in the future as we are consistently working to grow this list.