Clash of Clans MOD APK Unlimited Gems Troops Coins Download 2022 (Dark Soul)

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This is a 101% working fresh new version of clash of clans mod apk unlimited gems troops coins download 2022 for android players. It is slightly different from the COC Mods that we published earlier on our website due to its new thrilling nature.

clash of clans mod apk unlimited gems troops coins download 2022

Although the craze of COC has slightly declined over the years, kids and gamers still play it on a large number (2 million-plus monthly). When COC came into the scene of Google Play Store, it quickly arose into fame. In fact, more than a 500Million+ downloads are recorded only not the Android Store, iOs is uncountable.

Soon, as time passed and the developers made billions of dollars from it, survival for players started getting itchy. It was due to the drastic increase in the cost of building and troops as well as the time shoot up. This sudden change of events led people to search for shortcuts and create new solutions. That is why different groups of developers worked together to create this modified version of the COC APK.

Besides, this updated version of COC MOD APK does not charge you for purchasing any gems and won’t cost you any money for troops. There are no hidden in-app purchases so you can enjoy the game limitless with complete fun. In this story, we will describe the complete features, requirements, author reviews, and FAQs about this COC app. If you want to discover more about the easiest methods to grow your village, be sure to read this entire page.

Clash of Clans MOD APK Unlimited Gems Details

NameDark Soul COC S4
Operating SystemAndroid
File Size348 MB
Last Updated1 Day Ago
IARC Age Ratings13+
Offered ByDark Soul COC
Root Required?No
Server TypePrivate


In order to install this COC MOD, your phone must have the following requirements.

  • Android Version: 4.4+
  • RAM: 1 GB minimum
  • Disk Space: 400 MB
  • Free Internal Storage: 1 GB
  • Total Storage: 1400 MB

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Main Features

clash of clans mod apk unlimited gems gold and elixir

The features of this COC MOD are electrifying as it comes with unique options that are not found in the original app. First of all, it provides you 999.99 million worth of gems, gold, and elixir for free. As you launch the game for the first time, all the troops and buildings are already unlocked in town hall level one. Besides that, it also gives new custom-made buildings and hero characters which we will discuss later in the article.

On the other hand, the placement and upgrade cost of every building is 5 (regardless of any COC currency). Plus, the default training time of all troops is 5 seconds only. Moreover, the storage capacity of the level 1 army camp is 625 & the housing space of any troop is just 5. Due to this, you can imaging the number of armies that you train and create havoc on the battleground.

Likewise, we need to build the “Spell Factory” by spending 5 elixirs to unlock the mighty spells including the dark ones. As you do so, all the spells are automatically unlocked, no need for upgrades. Moreover, those spell factories have a housing capacity of 500, each spell consuming the space of 1. This means that we can brew up to 1200 spells in Level 1 counting both the factories. As we upgrade the factory, it adds the housing space of 100 seats.

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Custom Buildings and Characters

As mentioned earlier, this COC Modded app comes with dozens of custom buildings and heroes. First comes the hero Gene, which is adapted from Disney’s Aladdin’s Genie. Regardless of how it looks, it delivers 1250 damage per second, 22 movement speed, and 4500 hit points with both ariel and ground targets. It charges with a bullet which is capable of breaking any structure instantly.

goblin dragon tower - clash of clans custom character
Goblin Dragon Tower

Similarly, there are additional structures and heroes as listed below:

  • Crow
  • Leon
  • Piper
  • Goku
  • Boom Surprise
  • Microwav’R
  • S.I.M.O
  • Hot Pot
  • Healer Towers
  • Doom Cannon
  • Lazor Beam
  • Dragon Tower
  • Shock Blaster
  • Shock Launcher
  • Garoyle Towers
  • Boom Cannon
  • Cannon
  • Warlock Tower
  • Flame Thrower
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Air Defence Seeker Tower
  • Machine Gun
  • Custom Mortar
  • Air Defence Seeker Fragment Tower
  • Sniper Tower ( 😀 You won’t believe this exists)
  • Scatter Shot
  • Bowler Tower
  • Lava Launcher
  • Giant Cannon
  • Baby Dragon Tower
  • Flotsam Cannon
  • Moving Cannon Tower
  • Electro Dragon Tower
  • Goblin Dragon Tower
  • Pumpkin Bomb
  • Santa Strike
  • Freeze Trap and more

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Honest Author Review

At one point, I felt like the developers have overdone with the custom characters and defenses that they’ve made. Still, they are awesome and live up to the hype that this modded COC app brings. The town hall is the same as the original one, we can upgrade up to level 14. We can change the TH Scenarios and skins of other game assets. No need to buy anything or invest your real money to make progress.

Everything seems perfect other than the fact that this version of COC displays advertisements after each attack and I will tell you why if you keep reading. Most of you won’t be happy because you were expecting something that would grow your original village, as I did.

As a writer, trust me when I write this, we are not the developer of this apk. Yes, it is developed by some third-party geeks who call themselves “Dark Soul”. Well, we have no idea who they are but after playing this game, we can say that they are very passionate about it because of the efforts that they have put together to make this game so epic. When you are not the official developer and the source code is unknown, it takes really hard work to understand and modify it. So, hats off to the developers who made this mod apk.

Now, when it comes to advertisements, this version uses a private server. The reason is that nobody can access the original server of Supercell, also it is not allowed unless you are an authorized person of SuperCell. It means that all the data of the game has to be stored on a private server that costs real money on the developer side. Therefore, those advertisements support the developers to continue working and improving for the COC fans. We have already described that dozens of times in our previous articles about the clash of clans mods.

Besides that, the experience with the gameplay was awesome. It is super interesting to try new spells, heroes, and defenses to protect my village. Check out the screenshot below that shows me attacking a small village using 500 lightning spells and 125 electro dragons with some custom heroes.

clash of clans mod attack with unlimited troops


1. how to get free gems in clash of clans without hack?

There are plenty of ways to get free gems in COC without using any kinds of hacks or cheats. The first easiest method is to complete the achievements. You can find those incomplete tasks by tapping on your username. The second trick is to remove stones, rocks, trees, bushes, and other obstacles. Best of all, clearing the "Gem Box" obstacle provides 25 gems for free. But performing such tasks will cost you Elixir to pay the builders. Clearing away minor obstacles provides the number of gems in this predetermined pattern 6, 0, 4, 5, 1, 3, 2, 0, 0, 5, 1, 0, 3, 4, 0, 0, 5, 0, 1, 0.

Likewise, there is a "Gem Mine" inside the Builder Hall that produces 4.8 numbers of gems every day. We can upgrade it and boost using the clock tower to speed up the production process. Moreover, you can use the "Google Play Rewards" app in supported countries to earn credit points useful for purchasing gems in the original COC.

2. how to sell clash of clans account?

First of all, you cannot sell the COC downloaded from our website because it is a modified version with a private server, not the original one. Second of all, if Supercell detects that you are selling the accounts, it could result in a permanent ban. So, it is always risky to buy or sell COC accounts. Still, if you want to continue on your own risks, there are hundreds of Facebook groups made for it.

Please note that there are so many websites that claim to trade COC accounts. We have never tried such websites for security reasons. Moreover, selling a Clash of Clans account requires you to provide the Gmail and/or Facebook account linked to it. So, make sure those properties do not contain any of your personal information or data. Also, make sure that you receive payment upfront while making a deal with an unknown person online to prevent fraud.

Kindly use this app for entertainment purpose and personal use only.

3. how to speed up time in clash of clans without gems?

Back in the day, there were numerous glitches in the original COC that players abuse to skip time. Almost all of them are fixed these days in 2022 and if anybody tries to cheat, they will probably get banned. So, there is no such trick to speed up time in COC without investing gems. However, you can use the Clock Tower in Builder Hall to accelerate the building process.

On the other hand, there's good news to boost for the regular town hall. In the new update, COC has brought the magic books and power potions. You can get them by participating in the War Leagues, Clan Games, and Season Challenges. They can instantly upgrade any pieces of training, research process completion, or finish building process.

4. how to play clash of clans in windows phone?

It is rare to find a person using Windows Phone in 2022 because the model was discontinued back in 2015. There are no official releases of Clash of Clans for Windows Phone. Therefore, the steps to download and install COC in such models have gone obsolete these days in 2022.

Download clash of clans unlimited gems mod apk



The steps to download COC unlimited gems modified application are below:

  1. In order to protect the app and save some disk space, we have compressed the apk file into RAR format. Therefore, you will have to install Zarchiver first to unlock the application.
  2. Next, use the download button found on this page to get the Unlimited-Gems-CoC Mod. It will take you to Mediafire where you can save it into your device
  3. After downloading, open Zarchiver and navigate to the “Downloads” folder.
  4. Tap on the COC-Dark-Soul.rar file, select extract, and enter the password.
  5. After extraction, tap on the apk file and install it.

You might have to enable installations from unknown sources if prompted.


Wrapping Up

We’re sure that you enjoyed this latest clash of clans mod apk unlimited gems troops coins download in 2022 and it should work for you too just as it did for us. Before leaving, kindly rate this app below to give us feedback about your experience with us to help us improve. Happy Gaming! 🙂