Nulls Clash Mod APK Latest Version 2022 Download Android

Download Nulls Clash Mod APK latest version for android 2022 with infinite gems, elixir, gold, dark elixir, and troops up to town hall 14. Buildings and Powers including Electro Dragon, Bowler, and Lightning Spell, make this multiplayer strategy game more epic.

nulls clash of clans hack download mod apk

Null’s Clash came into the horizon of mobile gaming & engulfed android users with legendary wars. The major engaging factors were to build and defend the village against intruders.

Initially, growing TH was painless and effortless but later it became resilient. The upgrade duration increased drastically for higher town halls. Something that took days started taking weeks and months to complete construction.

Besides time, it takes millions of gold, elixir, and dark currencies to start an upgrade, requiring utmost patience. But we can reduce the time by spending money on gems that are excessively costly. That’s why we are releasing this null clash of clans hack download to satisfy your cravings for free.

Nulls Clash Mod APK Details

App NameNulls Clash MOD APK
App StatusUpdated
CategoryAndroid Games
DeveloperNull's Clash
UpdatedJuly 29, 2022
Size170 MB
RequirementAndroid 5.0 and up
Operating SystemAndroid

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  • Android OS 5+
  • 500 MB of Free Internal Disk Storage
  • 2 GB Ram minimum for a smooth experience.
  • High-Speed Internet

What’s New

  • Unlimited Gold, Gems, and Elixir
  • Coins reproduce upon each restart of the game.
  • Maximum town hall 14
  • Private Server
  • All the functions of the original coc are available.


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Game Description

Nulls Clash MOD APK is an online multiplayer strategy game available on the Android & iOS platforms for free, developed by a Finland-based company known as Supercell. Soon after its release back in the initial days, it became exceptionally popular among teens and college students.

Now, a common reason was due to the nature of the gameplay, in major South Asian countries like India and Nepal. If you leave playing the game for more than 30 minutes, your village is more likely to get raided. Enemies will target you for revenge during a broken shield.

In contrast, the concept of COC was brand new for smartphone users. People can grow their own city and loot the nearby villages. It was like a gang war between clans as every player seemed equally dedicated to this game. Moreover, taking their clans to victory would mean everything to them as leaders.

According to Statia, COC has nearly 2 million-plus daily active players worldwide. On the other hand, it has over 500+ million total downloads in the Google Play Store.

Plus, it is one of the most downloaded top 5 games ever on phone. Breaking all the records, the developers made $6.4 billion in revenue in 2018 total. This value was higher than any other mobile android application at the time.

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Unlimited Features

In addition to the original coc hack version nulls clash, you’ll notice a lot of exciting changes. One of the newest features of this mod is the unlimited gems. It provides 6000,000 gems for free while launching for the first time.

Besides that, the game comes with storage full of Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir. These items are methods to upgrade the town hall, unlock heroes, build armies, and construct defenses.

On the other hand, when you run out of coins, you can purchase them using the Gems. Don’t worry, you don’t have to pay for it because the gems become full upon the restart of the game. They are the main source of development of your village, also work in the Builder Hall.

The highest value of the town hall level is 14. Therefore, it can produce laser lights to defend against intruders. Moreover, you will never run out of any currencies due to infinite gems. This can also unlock new skins for heroes, buy power potions, and change scenarios.

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  1. No need to purchase gems, gold, elixir, and dark elixir as they are provided for free in unlimited amounts.
  2. The upgrade of buildings and armies is faster.
  3. All the game assets are easily unlocked.
  4. There are rankings that increase after successful attacks.
  5. Thousands of players are online every single day.
  6. We can even play wars, join clans, donate troops, and create our own clans.
  7. Once you train again other than the first time only. They regenerate after each attack unless you remove them.

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  1. Does not affect your original Supercell COC account.
  2. Winning a war or attack is extremely difficult. Almost every other player has their military upgrades to the maximum level. On a brighter note, tough base means more fun.
  3. The game does not connect to Google Play Sign In or Facebook to save data. All the progress is lost once you uninstall the game.

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The Secret of COC Hack Nulls Clash

If play Clash of Clans every day, then using shortcuts might have come into your mind. But do you really know whether modding it is possible or not?

Now, there’re plenty of websites and youtube videos that claim to provide free unlimited gems and gold. They ask you to fill up a form and provide your username and required number of coins. According to them, the moment you complete the survey, all the gems will be sent to your COC account.

But do they really work? The simple answer is No.

When you click on the submit button, they display a small black window running various codes. They are just the animations and no changes happen to your Supercell account wasting your time.

To create a mod of Clash of Clans, anyone should have access to the game server. It is not possible because they are highly protected servers using different layers of security. So, let’s understand what a server really is because it is essential to clear doubts.

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Server Details

The Internet has many different definitions. In this case, let’s consider it as a connection between two computers or devices. In PC 1, the files to be transmitted are stored, which is the server. On the second PC or phone, the data will be downloaded where the game runs, known as the client.

Now, the data centers of Supercell store all the files and user information. All those data is sent to your android or iOs via an internet connection joining two devices together. This connection helps us to play online games.

Again, there are offline games such as Wrestling Revolution 3D whose files are stored locally on the phone. We can easily modify the data of such games because we have access to them locally. It could be either using any APK Editor Programs or Android Studio.

The problem with COC is that nobody has the access to its files on a remote server. Therefore, it is impossible to modify the game data unless you honestly pay for it on the official Supercell server. This null clash of clans hack version download has a private server made for fun only. We know that it is frustrating but you can still enjoy this game as the original COC game.

There are three reasons why we don’t allow mods on the original server:

  1. We don’t have access to it.
  2. Real developers deserve to make money from it because they have a family to feed. Nobody does it for free
  3. Supercell restricts modifications of the game source code. If you try to play with it, the company has power to ban your official account.

Author Review

As a regular user of the app, it is really disappointing that I cannot change the original server content. But, this is better than paying thousands of dollars just to increase trophies. If you want to grow honestly and naturally, use Google Play Store to download the original apk.

So, use this app only to refresh your mind for fun and testing purposes only. For example, you might be YouTuber who likes to create COC-related content. So, you can showcase a battle between level 50 Barbarian King and level 50 Archer Queen collision course.

Therefore, this app is very beneficial due to the upgrades that happen instantly. But, the only thing we cannot change or modify is the original COC server. Learn to live with it and play honestly because getting into the servers of Supercell is not possible. We don’t promote that either.

Our game is just another COC Null Hack with hundreds of players. It will not cause any effects on your original Supercell account. This fan-made app is for just entertainment purposes only.


1. Is MOD Apk safe?

We are extremely concerned about the safety of the apps that we publish on our websites. These applications are scanned with trusted antivirus programs such as Kaspersky as well as the Google Play Protect. Therefore, the modified apk of clash of clans found on our website is 100% safe and secure to download. Feel free to download it without any security risks.

2. How do you get mods on COC?

The steps to get mods on COC are quite easy and mentioned above. Just visit the download link provided and follow the instructions. If you are thinking about creating your own mods of Clash of Clans, then you will have to purchase your own server. Self-hosted or collocations servers cost you more money. After that, you have to be very excellent in modifying the source code of the application and changing the server address of the app through Android Studio. Let's not move into the complicated part of editing and changing server information in this article, saving it for the future.

3. How many active players do clash of clans have every month?

According to data published online, clash of clans had at least 100+ million active monthly players.

4. Can a 12 year old play Clash of Clans?

COC is rated 13+ by the International Age Rating Coalition (IARC). Anyone below the age of 13 can play the game under the supervision of their parents. Although clash of clans does not provide the ability to transfer images and videos in the chat, there're still possibilities that inappropriate discussions can be made. Therefore, parental guidance for anyone below 13 is necessary.

5. How long can you remain AFK in clash of clans?

You can remain inactive for 5 minutes in COC before they ask you to reload due to AFK (Away From Keyboard).

6. Is it better to keep loot in clan castle?

Clan Castle definitely has more hit points than the Gold and Elixir storage. Plus, it contains CC Troops that provide protection when an enemy nearby approaches it under its radius. Likewise, even if the clan clash is completely 100% destroyed, the attacker will get only 20% of its treasury. Therefore, it is better to keep loot in clan castle if you don't need it for extra upgrades or troop training.

Final Verdict

The private game server is 100% secure and has nothing to do with original Supercell accounts. We hope that you enjoyed this latest version of Nulls Clash mod apk latest version download for the Android OS.

Although you cannot change the original account status, you can still enjoy this mod with hundreds of players inside. It is itself a mini COC world of professional gamers.