Best Compass App For Android 2022 (Most Accurate & Precise)

Discover the tried & tested most accurate best compass app for android in 2022 for precise data, free & paid, with or without a magnetometer sensor. These applications use the GPS system, camera, and accelerometer to provide directions in angles.

If your Global Positioning System is fine, using it with mobile data works perfectly in the system’s default compass to get longitudes and latitudes. However, the in-built magnetic calibration might cause conflicts with the navigation. So, to fix this, plenty of third-party developers had to create separate compass applications.

best compass app for android

That’s why we are writing this review of the most accurate compass app for android. During our test, we recorded data, tested their legitimacy output, and compared it with an actual GPS device and a physical compass. So, let’s start our ultimate countdown.

Best Compass App For Android Reviews 2022

Below is the list of the top 5 highly accurate compass apps made for the Android operating system.

S.N.App NameSizeRatings
1Compass by Melon Soft1.5 MB4.5/5
2Just a Compass by PixelProse SARL6.0 MB4.8/5
3Compass Steel by SimplyWerx7.4 MB4.6/5
4Qibla Finder7.2 MB4.7/5
5Digital Compass by Axiomatic Inc.5.3 MB4.5/5

1. Compass by Melon Soft

compass by melon soft

This is one of the highest-rated compass apps on the Android Play Store that provides accurate absolute north and other directions. It also displays data for magnetic fields and true heading using highly accurate sensors.

Developed by Melon Soft, this compass app uses an accelerometer. Therefore, the calibration is quite simple but rarely necessary. It provides us with one-tap access to Google Maps. This helps us identify our current location and direction when there is internet access.

Similarly, we can get the readings for Latitude, longitude, and magnetic declination through this app. The most shocking part for me while using this app was that it accurately displayed my location. It showed my street number along with the altitude and speed provided in both km/h and mph.

Not only that, we can easily copy the location, declination, and address with one touch if we want to save it for engineering purposes. On the other hand, the interface is clean, simple, and easy to use. But, the app contains small rectangle-sized banner ads on top that are non-disturbing and provide a good experience. Since the app is 100% free, the developers deserve to make some revenue through it.

When it comes to ratings, it has received an average of 4.5 out of 5-star on Google Play Store having over 10+ million downloads. This app is most useful when you are hiking, camping, or finding constellations, or destinations while driving.

Size: 1.5 MB


  • GPS Location
  • Internet Connection for higher accuracy (Optional)

Price: Free with Ads

Download on Play Store

2. Just a Compass by PixelProse SARL

Just a Compass by PixelProse SARL

“Just a Compass” secures the second position on our list of the best compass app for android due to multiple reasons. First, the core functions of the application are 100% free without any advertisements. The app comes in an awesome stylish user interface with red colors. However, you can spend an extra charge of as low as $6.98 to support the developer and purchase different cool themes and looks in bulk. Still, all the premium app features and functionalities are provided absolutely free of cost.

Secondly, besides providing the compass data in degrees as well as location, GPS coordinates, directions, and magnetic influence, the app also provides times for sunrise & sunset when data is turned on. We can also switch the measurement unit settings to meters and feet along with angle units to degrees, radians, milliradians, and gradians. Similarly, the coordinate system can be read in DD, DMM, DMS, MGRS (Military Grid Reference System), and UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator).

Likewise, we can choose to ‘use geographic north’ to check the current magnetic declination in degree or turn it off. Furthermore, under elevation management, the network fallback and elevation cache allow the use of network connection to fetch elevation at ground level when GPS fails to work.

Nevertheless, this application is super handy when you live in hilly and terrain areas to find the elevation and geodetic coordinates. Besides, it can also be used to find the parts of your house facing different directions, helpful in Vastu Shastra. This is just one flawless example of a simple comprehend compass, which is super accurate, and useful for every purpose. Whether you are using it for engineering purposes to find the bearings or just for normal traveling, it always delivers.

Size: 6.0 MB


  • GPS Access
  • Background Location (for automatic and on-demand widget updates)
  • Internet (For optional features)

Price: Free / $6.98 for bulk skins purchase

Download on Play Store

3. Compass Steel by SimplyWerx

Compass Steel by SimplyWerx

Here comes another insanely cool compass app in 2022 for android developed by SimplyWerx. The best part about this application is that it does not collect any data while the internet is turned on, neither does it displays any advertisements nor trackers are used to maintain your privacy.

Notably, the interface is simple containing a figure of directions and degrees which change as you move the device. The readings that it provides by default are the magnetic heading, pitch/roll, field strength, and the intensity of accuracy. Another cool feature about this compass app is that we can minimize it to PIP mode while using other applications simultaneously.

Additionally, it supports three different location coordinate formats that are DDD.DDDD, DDD°MM.MMM’ & DDD°MM’SS.”. We can either switch to Magnetic or True headings through settings. When the mode is set to “True Heading”, it gives us exact geographical coordinates using a GPS system as well as the name of our place, if there’s internet access. Also, there’s an option to control the movement speed of the device while you are traveling or at rest.

Besides, this application works best when it is kept far away from magnetic deflections caused by nearby items such as hand watches, electronic speakers, phones, and nearby heavy electronic metal objects. Calibrate the compass in “figure 8” as a test before using it for actual projects for better accuracy. The readings of “True heading” shall depend upon your GPS coordinates and magnetic azimuth.

Talking about the pros, there are awesome graphics and instructions at the start of the app explaining how to calibrate properly to get better results. Being lightweight in size, it does not consume much memory space either. This application will help you a lot when you are traveling in an area with low visibility to find the route out. Plus, there are always entertaining features to upgrade the themes and colors, keeping the rest free.

Size: 7.4 MB


  • GPS
  • Internet

Price: Free

Download on Play Store

4. Qibla Finder

quibla finder compass app

As the name suggests itself, you can discover the accurate direction for prayers and Namaz with the help of this Qibla Finder app. It also allows us to find nearby mosques on Google Maps automatically with one tap. Again, this is a fully facilitated application for Muslims as it contains an in-built Hijri Calendar that contains details of Islamic dates and events. The app is available in 24 different language formats, including English, Arabic, Hindi, Persian, and others.

The only drawback of this app is that it displays full-screen skippable ads. Besides that, it only provides direction for Qibla & Mecca only but can also be useful to find degree coordinates of East, West, North, and South. Kaaba is a Muslim ritual in which the player has to face Qibla while praying for Allah. So, this application is pretty handy during the festivals of Ramadan, Eid, and Hajj.

On the bright side, if you are a Muslim prayer, Qibla Finder gives you directions when you are on a vacation where you cannot find any Mosques around. Therefore, multiple users have confirmed that this app provides the direction of prayers accurately after testing it on holidays.

Size:7.2 MB


  • Location Access
  • GPS
  • Internet
  • Google’s location service

Price: Free / $5.73 for Ad-Free Version

Download on Play Store

5. Digital Compass by Axiomatic

Digital Compass by Axiomatic

This awesome compass app for android developed by Axiomatic Inc. provides true headings as well as magnetic heading using the device’s GPS tracker. Additionally, it displays the magnetic strength of the surrounding field in μT units. It is more effective when the phone is equipped with magnetic sensors and there’s no extra environmental influence.

If you tap on the little information icon next to the address, you get to find latitude and longitude data that can be copied with one touch. Moreover, there’s Google Maps embedded inside the app interface so that you don’t have to launch a different application to get the directions. However, the only drawback besides ads on the free version is that you cannot change the unit formats for displaying coordinates.

Size: 5.3 MB


  • GPS
  • Internet

Price: Free / $1.70 for Ad-Free Pro Version

Download on Play Store


1. Does my Android have a magnetic sensor?

Yes, almost every modern Android smartphone is built with a magnetometer inside its firmware. Even the older versions of cheaper Android phones used to have a magnetic sensor attached inside them. To find out the answer yourself, you need to test your phone by calibrating compass apps and comparing the output data with an actual physical compass.

2. Do android phones have a compass?

Most of the latest versions of the android phone have an in-built compass app that uses magnetic sensors, internet connection, and GPS tracker to find geodetic directions and coordinates.

3. How does a compass work on a phone?

There is a small chip known as a magnetometer attached inside the body of a phone that can read magnetic fluctuations in different axes due to which the compass can display its data. In addition to that, new models of smartphones combine accelerometers with affordable magnetoresistive magnetic sensors to produce accurate information.

4. Can I install a magnetic sensor on Android?

As mentioned in the previous answer, the magnetic sensor is a small physical hardware chip that is attached to your device at the time of its manufacturing. The chip tries to align itself with the geodetic north and south poles of the earth as an actual magnet would do in two or more axes. However, if that was not equipped with your android phone by default, then you can use alternative compass apps as listed above that make use of a GPS system and an internet connection to produce the output. However, you might want to compromise with the accuracy of data if the phone lacks a magnetometer. Not all apps are capable of doing the work without the presence and involvement of the actual hardware chip.

5. What is the best free compass app for android?

All of the applications listed in our reviews above are the best compass apps for android. However, Compass by Melon Soft and PixelProse are our top two favorite tools on the list because of their premium features and ad-free nature. Still, you can use other software mentioned above for different purposes such as Qibla Finder is mainly used in festivals to find the direction of Mecca.

Final Words

I hope that you enjoyed my personal review of the best compass app for android in 2022 that is worth giving a try to find directions and coordinates. Please note that we are not affiliated or linked with any of the apps or software listed above in this article. By the way, if you have anything to say about these mobile applications or just want to say ‘Hi’, then kindly use the comment box below. (See You)