Friday Night Funkin APK Download Android (Early Access)

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Get early access to download friday night funkin apk original mod for android, often referred to as FNF, a free open-source music battle game. Originally developed by Newgrounds team members for a contest, the game has various fan-made mods created by multiple developers all over the world.

download friday night funkin apk

Since FNF is an open-source program, permission of the original creator or licensing is not required to modify its original source code and content to create new versions. In this article, we’ll go through how to download the original FNF mod apk with its reviews, the description of its gameplay, and features. The application that we are using in this post has over 10+ Million downloads on the official Google Play Store.

The good news is, this awesome version of the game is still in its pre-release phase, which means we can send our feedback directly to the developers if we want some changes to it. That’s why we termed it as “Early Access”. With that said, let’s get started.

Friday Night Funkin APK Details

Before we get into the download part, below are the complete details about the FNF apk, just to make sure that you comply with the application requirements.

App NameFNF Battle - Friday Night Funkin
TypeSingle Player Offline Game
Size94.41 MB
Last Updated06-Oct-2021
App Version1.22
Downloads10 Million Plus
IARC Age Ratings12+
Average Users Star Ratings4.1/5
Android Version Requirement4.4 and up

FNF Battle – Friday Night Funkin Review

Developed by Falcon Games Studios using the open-source license, the video game plays a cool track with a disc rolling, as you launch it for the first time. Moving on, we found out that it is a rhythm game where we have to press the buttons presented on-screen to survive the game. When you play it for the first time, it will give you a demo of how to win by audio-visual means. As you press those dictated keys precisely, you score points and also get to listen to cool sound effects.

Next, as the tutorial is over, you get to play either ‘Free Play’ or ‘Story Mode’. Now, under free play mode, there’re over 27 different missions that unlock after you complete the objectives of previous missions. The obstacles are mainly based on previous scores and coins that you own. Also, you can try unlocking a mission temporarily for one play by watching one advertisement.

On the other hand, if we go to the story mode, there are multiple characters of mom, dad, son, daughter, relationship partner, monsters, and spirits. But you will be able to play these characters only when all other tracks are unlocked upon playing the game. The best part is that the game contains FNF Week 7 as you clear through different stages.

Friday Night Funkin APK Download For Android Mobile

There are two different methods to download the FNF apk and install it. The first method is to use the Play Store whose official link is mentioned below.


The second option is an alternative in case the official Google app store is not working. For this, you will first have to enable installation from “Unknown Sources”. As a next step, click on the button below to download the apk file and install it on your device.


Final Verdict

We hope that you were able to download Friday night funkin apk for android using the google drive and play store link published above. Please note that we only post links to the files that are 100% original and extracted from the Google app store only. We don’t modify or tamper with its source code in any way, keep it original before uploading on the server. Hope this helps.