Geometry Platformer APK Download Android (Early Access) 2022

Geometry Platformer apk is one of the most challenging cubes running games of this year. It is not much complex to use as the controllers are just left, right, and jump buttons. This is the early access version, the pre-release category. The developers will use it to collect non-sensitive data for improving the gaming experience.

geometry platformer apk

Moreover, it is like the beta release where the reviews and ratings are sent directly to the game creators. In other words, you can directly send the improvement message to the developers. By playing this game, complete challenges and exciting levels by jumping and flipping through the spooky lanes.

Besides, the beginner levels in the Geometry Platform apk are trouble-free and run smoothly to eliminate our stress. The difficulty increases after 7 as the track length grows. It becomes really tough to remember all the obstacles and positions if you have to restart. So, it’s a quite good challenge for adrenaline lovers and memory champions.

Geometry Platformer APK File Information

App NameGeometry Platformer (Early Access)
File Size40.6 MB
Android Version Requirement5.1 and above
Last Updated1 Day Ago

App Images

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What’s New Features

Below are all the features of this platform adventure android game.

  • Easy Controls – Left, Right, and Jump.
  • Smooth and Excellent graphics.
  • Challenging levels.
  • Exciting skins.


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Game Description

Geometry Platformer comes with easy controls, music, and instruments that give peace of mind with a clean interface. Likewise, classic arcade game fans will realize that it is like the Super Mario Bros from the late 90s. The only difference is that there’s a cube replacing Mario with visual changes in the environment. Moreover, if you are hit or touched by any obstacles, it’s game over.

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Geometry Platformer APK Review (Author)

In our honest review, we absolutely love the pre-release version of the Geometry Platformer apk in beta mode. It is such a relaxing game with no tough controls. The levels are quite easy at the beginning but they get so intense as you move on.

As per our experience, every step and second will count after level 7. Moreover, we can collect coins to purchase additional skins for our cube. This is a better way to increase your collection and get better.

Now, let’s talk about the cons of this adventurous cube game. First of all, it requires an internet connection to launch the program. It has to be completely offline because if you turn off the internet after opening, it still works. So, there’s no point in prompting the users to have a network before starting it.

Again, there are 15-30 seconds skippable ads that appear every time you pass a level. Similarly, the orientation is locked. It means that we cannot rotate the screen if we turn the phone to the other side.

So, these are the only drawbacks to the game. Besides, I love everything about it because I just have to turn on the internet at startup only. Later, I can switch it off and enjoy the game without any disturbing ads.

Final Verdict

My final conclusion is that you should totally download the game regardless of the poor ad experience. It’s like an adrenaline rush while completing the levels. Again, the controls are smooth as cake and the reaction that cube does immediately is stupendous.

Also, I hope that you are able to download the geometry platformer apk of early access version from our website. Feel free to report us any problems or to request for an update.