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Get a fully a4 size printable version of Shree Hanuman Chalisa PDF English with facts and full lyrics translated from the original script. Originally written in the Awadhi language, it is a Mantra for the devotion of Hindu God Maruti. Moreover, it contains forty lines of verses to pray for Bajrang Bali.

hanuman chalisa pdf english download

On the other hand, chanting the hymn of Hanuman Chalisa in English PDF brings positive energies. It harnesses wisdom, enlightenment, and strength. The best practice is to keep your body free from non-veg food and bathe in holy water before praying. Moreover, incense sticks and visiting a temple for worship are superior.

Lord Hanuman, the 11th Rudra Avatar, the reincarnation of Shiva, is the biggest devotee of Rama (Vishnu). He is also one of the eight Chiranjeevi in Hindu epics. Known for his strength and intelligence, praying his Stotram will eliminate the negative energies and hard obstacles in your path. Sankat Mochan Hanuman is given ‘Mahabali,’ immortal and cannot be defeated.

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NameHanuman Chalisa PDF English
Document TypePortable Document Format (PDF)
Number of Pages5
Page Size8.27" x11.69" (A4)
AuthorGoswami Tulsidas
Release Date15th Century
Text LanguageEnglish
PurposeMantra for Lord Hanuman Prayer

Facts of Lord Hanuman

Anjani, the mother of Deenabandhave, had a curse (श्राप) that she could not give birth to a baby. Anjani did strong penance, meditated, and worshipped Lord Shiva to get rid of it. She was able to impress Mahadev following her intense labour to prove faith. Bhole Nath cured her by sending a baby named Maruti, his 11th Rudra Avatar.

It is no secret that Hanuman was the biggest devotee of Lord Rama. When Pavanpootra found that Goddess Sita wore Sindooram for the longevity of Rama, he covered his whole body with the red cosmetic powder known as Sindoor. Since then, devotees have used it as a special element during the holy rituals of Hanuman.

Likewise, Anjaneya used to wear a special misconfigured Dhoti. It is a lower body cloth due to which he was given the name “Hanuman.” On the other hand, despite being Brahmachari (Celibate), Mahadhuyta also had a son by the name “Magardhwaja” (Makardhwaja). While travelling to Lanka in search of Sita, he fought a sea monster. A sweat from Hanuman’s body drops and is eaten by a female Makara during the battle. It is a crocodile-like sea creature available in ancient Hindu books and scriptures.

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Lord Rama vs. Hanuman

Did you know that once, Lord Rama himself declared a death sentence to Lord Hanuman? Biswamitra, the Guru of Ram, got angry at Hanuman for some reason. He ordered his student Rama to punish the monkey god. But instead of fighting back, Hanuman sat down and started chanting the name “Rama” by closing his eyes. The avatar of Vishnu had to follow his orders to make his teacher happy.

Rama fired all the divine weapons towards Hanuman. Since he was chanting the name of Rama himself, no weapon or arrow could harm or touch him. These are some of the rare facts about Mahakaya from multiple religious books in Hinduism. Don’t forget to bookmark us for similar facts and mysteries in the future.

Mention of Sun and Earth Distance

There are hundreds of mysteries in this centuries-old poem. These facts interconnect with Hindu beliefs, even shocking science. The complete origin story of the Hanuman Chalisa is written in our earlier article here.

First of all, the distance between the Earth and Sun is mentioned in Hanuman Chalisa. The sloka number 18 says “Juga Shahastra Joojan“. In the Sanskrit language, these words denote the following numbers.

  • 1 Juga = 12000 years
  • One Shahastra = 1000 years
  • 1 Joojan = 8 miles
  • Juga Shahastra Joojan = 1200 * 1000 * 8 = 96000000 miles
  • 1 mile = 1.6 km
  • 96000000 miles = 153600000 km

To date, big space research organizations such as NASA have stated the distance between the Earth and Sun to be approximately 147.76 million km. If we round off this number, it is closest to 150 million.

The best part is that it was written when the first scientific telescope wasn’t even invented. In Hinduism, Lord Hanuman traveled to space from the Earth. Then, he increased his size and tried to eat the Sun, thinking it was a mango during childhood.

Later, he was stopped by other Gods and Goddesses in Hindu mythology and saved the Sun from being eaten. Therefore, the sloka number 18 is an appraisal for Maruti regarding this particular event.

Diminutive and Gigantic Form

It is a well-known fact that “Mass is neither created nor destroyed during chemical or physical reactions.” The total mass of reactants is equal to the total mass of products. So, can a human increase or decrease their body size and height according to their will? When you read this line, you might be remembering the character “Ant-Man” from Marvel comics.

Before David, Bob, and John Byrne created Scott Lang; Lord Hanuman already had this power. He shows his size-changing abilities multiple times in the Ramayana. Hanuman was also able to grow so big enough to fit the Sun in the palm of his hands. The sloka numbers 9 and 10 contain the following words:

  • Sooxam Roopa = Small Size
  • Bheema Roopa = Big Size

If you are wondering how big or small could Bajrang Bali get, read the “Maruti Sloka” by Ramdas Swami? Hanuman could decrease his size as small as an atom and increase as big as the huge universe.

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