How To Set Up Voicemail On Android with Ease (Mostly Redmi)

In this article, you’ll discover simple easy steps on how to set up voicemail on android mostly for Redmi smartphones, also works on other devices. Voicemail is a type of Short Message System that allows users to deliver an audio message. It is frequently used when one of the receivers is not available to pick up calls at the moment.

how to set up voicemail on android

Alright, let’s get started.

How to set up voicemail on android (Easy Steps)

Please note that we’ve chosen the Redmi device to demonstrate examples on this post as it is a heavily popular model and average people own the smartphone. But, in no way, we’re not promoting Xioami Redmi or the company in any way, neither we are affiliated with it, as this article is just for information purposes only.

Below are the steps to set up voicemail on any android phone.

  1. First of all, open the phone number dialer.
  2. Long press the “1” key.
  3. It will say: “No voicemail number is stored on the SIM card”. Click on “Add Number”.
  4. Here, you will find two options for “Service – Your Carrier” & “Voicemail Number – <Not set>”. Tap on “Voicemail Number”.
  5. Then dial the receiver’s number on the box or click on the “Contacts” icon to select a saved number from the phonebook.
  6. After that, tap on “Ok”.
  7. Now, go back to the dialer and long press 1 key to start voicemail. It will call the number and if the call does not pick up, you will be prompted to send a voice mail.

Now, this only works if voicemail is supported by your network carrier. Otherwise, normal calls will be dialed. Again, if the above steps do not work, try the following instructions for android.

  1. Open the dialer.
  2. Click on the three horizontal lines at the bottom left corner of the Numpad.
  3. Select “Settings”.
  4. Scroll down and choose “Advanced Settings”.
  5. Go to the “OTHER” section and select “Setup”.
  6. Now, follow the instructions from steps number 4 to 7 as mentioned in the previous instructions that are listed above.

Final Words

These were the simple and easiest steps about how to set up voicemail on android phones of redmi model. Besides that, there are different hash dial codes and mobile apps to set up voicemail for different mobile networks such as T-Mobile, Twigby, KPN, etc. Since there are hundreds of thousands of carriers all over the world, we cannot provide details of each of them. Hope this helps.