Microphone Not Working Windows 10 – Complete Solution (2022)

This is a complete solution to the internal and external microphone not working windows 10 for Logitech USB headset and Realtek drivers in HP, Lenovo, and Dell laptops. Whether you are using Zoom Video Call service, Skype, Google Meets, Microsoft Teams, YouTube, or even local media players like VLC, the microphone can stop working at any time.

microphone not working windows 10 solved

Therefore, in this article, we will also help you fix the Realtek microphone not working in Windows 10, a very disgusting problem when we’re trying to attend important meetings, calls, or just play our favourite music or video. So, let’s get started.

But, before performing the upcoming solutions below, do a quick check of the following:

  • The device is not muted.
  • The cables, audio jacks, or USB are connected properly.
  • The hardware works properly while used on other devices.

How to fix microphone not working windows 10

If you are using Realtek, Internal, or USB microphones, it might not work due to incorrect mic permissions, muted from the settings, outdated drivers, or a change of default device.

Please note that if the microphone hardware, USB or earphones, are physically damaged, then we have no control over it. We only publish the softcopy or digital solutions for windows 10 microphones not working. If you feel that the hardware is physically damaged, then kindly take your gaming laptop to a nearby repair store for maintenance or replacement.

With that in mind, let’s get started.

1. Grant Microphone Permissions

  1. Press the hotkeys “Windows + I” buttons to launch Settings.
  2. Navigate to Privacy > Microphone.
  3. Click on “Change”.
  4. Turn “On” the radio button for “Enable Microphone Access For This Device”.
  5. Also, enable “allow apps to access your microphone”

grant microphone access permissions windows 10

Again, scroll down and check if the radio button for any important apps is turned off. If you want to allow microphone access to those apps, turn their buttons on.

choose which apps can access your microphone windows 10

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2. Modify Sound Settings

This option is helpful when you have multiple microphones and audio devices connected to your computer. So, you’d want to change the default input and output device which produces sound.

  1. Go to settings as described in solution 1.
  2. Click on “System” and go to “Sound”

Here you can choose your output or input sound device if you have more than one connected. There you will also find options for increasing or decreasing the volume, test your microphone, or troubleshoot it.

sound system settings windows 10

Now, to fix windows 10 microphone not working realtek audio hardware, go ahead and click on “Manage Sound Devices”. Then select “ Microphone Realtek Audio” if it is listed under disabled devices. Then choose “Enable”.

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3. Use Sound Properties

We might have more than one sound hardware connected to the PC that might be causing conflicts with our desired headsets. Therefore, we can try disabling the unnecessary audio devices in the following way.

  1. Press “Windows + R” to launch the “Run”.
  2. Type “control panel” and press enter. (Do not use the double quotes or inverted commas)
  3. Navigate to Hardware and Sound > Sound. This opens up Sound properties.
  4. Switch to the “Recording” tab.

Now, there you will find a bunch of different additional sound devices connected to your computer. Just right-click on them one by one and disable them (only the unnecessary ones). Also, if you discover the name of your desired device, you can enable it from there in case if it is accidentally disabled.

Again, right-click on your favorable input device and select “Set as a default communication device”. Finally, click “Ok” to finish the process.

4. Re-install driver

For this step, you might require an internet connection. If you are having networks problems with wifi or mobile data, kindly check our DNS Solution Archives for any operating system.

But, before we re-install drivers, let’s check if the microphone is disabled from the device manager:

  1. Open Run dialogue box and execute: devmgmt.msc This opens up the device manager.
  2. Go to “Audio inputs and outputs”.
  3. Right-click on your microphone name and choose to disable it.
  4. Wait for a few seconds to minutes and try to re-enable it.

Once you perform those steps, verify if the microphone is working again or not. If it’s a thumbs down, then below are the steps to reinstall audio drivers on Windows 10.

  1. Open device manager as described above.
  2. Unlock the listed devices by clicking on the chevron-right arrow dropdown list, present just ahead of “Sound, Video, and Game Controllers”.
  3. Then, right-click on your driver and select “Uninstall”. Follow the on-screen instructions and let the process complete.
  4. Right-click on any other sound driver and select “Scan for hardware changes”.
  5. Finally, restart your computer.

As you reboot, Windows might check for updates and automatically install the lost driver. This is a common solution to headset microphone not working windows 10.

5. Increase system volume

Sometimes there are chances that the hardware is muted from the system causing the internal microphone not working windows 10 error. Therefore, we can try increasing system volume and check if that works in the following ways.

  1. Right-click on the sound icon at the bottom right corner of the Windows taskbar or startmenu.
  2. Select “Sounds”.
    sound icon task bar windows 10
  3. Go to the recording tab.
  4. Select your microphone and click on “Properties”.
    microphone properties windows 10
  5. Switch to the levels tab and increase the microphone volume. You can also try playing with “Microphone Boost” levels and see if things work. The default value of the internal microphone boost is +20.0db.
  6. As a final step, click “Ok” to save changes.

microphone levels windows 10

If you are using microphones manufactured from a third party or local companies, many have a button in them which can mute or unmute the sound. This is stupid but anyone can make such mistakes. So, look if there is such a button found on your microphone hardware and try using it, if available.

6. Switch Audio Frequency

  1. Launch Microphone properties as described in solution number 5.
  2. This time, go to the “Advanced” tab.
  3. Click on the dropdown list under “Default Format”.
  4. Select an audio channel frequency from the list.
    audio channel frequency windows 10
  5. Click “Ok” and restart your computer.

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7. Restart windows audio

  1. For this, we need to launch the run dialogue box.
  2. Type services.msc and press enter.
  3. Scroll down and find “Windows Audio”.
  4. Right-click on it and select “Restart”.
  5. Restart your computer when the process finishes.

8. Windows Troubleshooter

Windows troubleshooter might also require an internet connection.

  1. Press the buttons “Windows + I” to launch settings.
  2. Click on “Update & Security” & then “Troubleshoot”.
  3. Here we have three different audio-related troubleshooting options: playing audio, recording audio, and speech. Click on any of them, mainly Recording Audio, and select “Run the troubleshooter”.
  4. After that, just follow the displayed on-screen instructions until your PC is repaired.
  5. Don’t forget to restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

These are the same solutions for Realtek and USB microphones on any laptop model such as Dell or Lenovo.


1. why is my microphone not working windows 10?

The number one reason why the microphone might not work on your windows 10 laptop is that it is physically damaged or incompatible. In case the hardware is safe, you could have muted the mic. In addition to that, wrongful mic permissions, misconfigured settings, disabled devices, outdated audio drivers, and mismatched sound frequency settings can fail the microphone in Windows 10.

2. how do I get my Realtek microphone to work?

First, check if your Realtek mic is not muted or damaged in any way or not. If it's not, then, increase the system volume and use sound properties in Windows 10 to set it as a default audio device (check solution number 3).

3. how do I fix my microphone on Windows 10?

There are different ways to fix the microphone on windows 10. You can switch to different microphone permissions, modify sound settings and properties, and re-install or update drivers to fix your microphone on Windows 10. Check more solutions on the article above.

4. how do I get Windows 10 to recognize my headset microphone?

If Windows 10 is not recognizing your headset microphone, one of the key reasons is that the driver is outdated or incompatible with your version of OS. First of all, check if the mic is working properly on other devices such as mobile or not and verify it's in a safe state. Then, insert or connect your mic to the laptop port. The computer will show that it failed to recognize the device connected. In that condition, try the device manager fixes as mentioned in solution 4 to reinstall or update the drivers. If windows do not show a message or even a warning, then most probably the USB port or jack is in a critical state. Some mics simply just don't connect with your PC because they are incompatible and we've no control over it. Therefore, test your product properly before purchasing it from the store.


Final Verdict

We hope that you were able to fix the microphone not working windows 10 error after applying the above solutions. Whether you are owning a Dell, or Lenovo laptop, Logitech USB headset, or Realtek audio device, the steps to fix are everywhere the same for all these devices. Now, as your turn, tell us in the comments about which solution helped you to get your microphone working back in Windows 10? It will help a lot of our readers. See you there 🙂