Mini Militia MOD Menu APK Download 2022 Latest Version Hack

Download the latest version of mini militia mod menu apk 2022 with unlimited cash, boost, and ammo hack with anti-ban features. Moreover, the menu supports custom characters and all map unlocking systems by upgrading to level 999 instantly.

mini militia mod menu apk download

The Mini Militia mod menu latest version is a popular top-3 shooting game offering interesting and exciting firefights. It aims at providing a quick and easy way of winning the game without any hassle. Plus, it changes some aspects of the gameplay, such as the infinite bullets and grenades, not originally available.

Now, using this mod, make the game less challenging by zooming out the view beyond the limits. Also, increase the bullet range at which players can shoot. This makes sniping easier and gives us time to think and develop strategies fast for survival.

Plus, more exciting features and hacks are available in this MM MOD Menu. Be sure to read this entire article to discover and learn the activation steps at the end. Let’s start.

Mini Militia MOD Menu Details

App NameMini Militia Mod Menu
App StatusNew
CategoryAndroid Games, Mini Militia
DeveloperPoison Modz
PublishedAugust 17, 2022
File Size43.2 MB
Operating System RequirementAndroid 4.4 and up

What’s New Features

These are the new features and additional changes made to the game from our previous 2019 version of mini militia mod apk. We can turn on and off all these features at the player’s will. It means the game is normal at the beginning and we have to manually activate these features.

weapons fully upgraded in mini militia mod menu

With the help of new Mini Militia mod features, players can experience more exciting levels and challenges. The game is getting more interesting with exciting upgrades. Players can get to level 999 with just one finger tap without grinding or paying for anything.

The latest version of this mod includes many new features, including but not limited to:

  • Magic Bomb and Melee Punch
  • Fill your health instantly
  • Increase Walking Speed
  • No Gravity – it will make the character fall down if you stop moving using nitro.
  • Become Invisible (Hide Your Character from Foes)
  • Change the gas grenade color to red
  • Any Gun Dual Wield (New)
  • Bullets fill automatically with the no reload option
  • Wall Hack – allows you to walk through the obstacles and structures.
  • Pass Bullet through the wall
  • Infinite bullet speed and range
  • Increase the number of Bullets per shot up to 100
  • Custom costumes such as Marvel’s Avengers and The Predator.
  • Turns you into a hero when you kill someone with the knife

Mini Militia mod menu hack includes different modes such as single player, two player with the computer, or two players with somebody else. Also, you can play MM DA 2 on your own versus CPU bots or with friends.

VIP Pro Pack

The additional VIP features available below unlock the pro pack.

mini militia all characters unlocked

  • Instantly upgrade to level 999
  • Unlock all outfits and Accessories
  • All Guns Fully Upgraded
  • Blind Robots
  • Kill enemies with just one power-packed shot.
  • Hide your weapon from enemies
  • and more.

Plus, this mod will activate death sprayers guns that create havoc by firing huge disastrous ammunitions. Some of the types include rocket and grenade launchers, EMP and Minigun, Tavor, AK47, and many others.

Game Description

The Mini-Militia Mod Menu is the most popular hack tool that provides some additional features for easy progress. Millions of people around the world use it to modify their gaming experience in multiple ways. For example, adding and removing features, and tweaking settings. This helps to create an endless list of new possibilities within each match they play.

mini militia fire fight

Poison Modz is the ultimate developer of this awesome gaming tool. The features are beyond weapons and armor, with new maps, characters, and game modes. It provides an immersive experience for MM players who want more content to play with.

It is a fast-paced and high-intensity combat game with a variety of weapons, missions, and locations. You can play at your own pace or compete against others on the leaderboard. It features three different modes: SOLO, TDM, and Practice.

Moreover, the game is a 2D shooter with the best graphics on the market, fast-paced gameplay, and easy-to-learn controls. This game is so much fun because you can spend time with your family or friends by playing together.

Again, the player will control a small squad of soldiers. They defend their base against an onslaught of enemies that try to kill and destroy them. The player won’t have to build barricades or improve them. They just need to upgrade weapons and keep firing in order to stay alive as long as possible.

Unlimited Ammo

Mini Militia requires players to shoot enemies that could either be real humans or bots. Don’t worry about running out of bullets anymore, because this tool has all the features that you need. This hack is a popular weapon modification for limitless bullets.

For this reason, competition becomes easy due to not running out of shots. We don’t have to rely on strategic plans only. Now, gamers can enjoy Doodle Army 2 without worrying about having an unfair disadvantage over other players. They can focus on gameplay instead of looking for ammunition in new weapons.

The hack has two modes, one to increase rounds in the magazine, and one that makes it unlimited. The aim of the hack is to make sure that the game does not frustrate people. Players will no longer run out of bullets at a crucial moment when they really need them.

Also, during respawn, players can reload and keep going straight away without having the wait time in between each shot. This feature makes the game much more fun, entertaining, and less frustrating.

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Mini Militia Mod Menu Unlimited Cash

Unlimited Cash is the newest, fastest, and best working hack for getting free in-app purchases. Players spend some money on games to gain access to items or features that would otherwise require hours of gameplay. IAPs are in-game purchases made using real money to buy items or currency.

IAPs can make games more expensive if the player does not spend money. Mini Militia mod menu unlimited cash offers IAP packs at discounted rates to make easy progress while still trying to stay competitive.

This version of the MM might not provide unlimited cash, it can instantly unlock all the premium items for free. For example, you can carry double weapons, and unlock all the characters and maps instantly. This is possible with the help of an upgrading system that boosts players to level 999 immediately. So, you will not require any cash to purchase anything inside the game as all the items will be cost-free.

Unlimited Nitro

With this mod, you will get unlimited nitro for free. It also improves gameplay and makes it much more fun. Mini Militia Unlimited Nitro Mod gives your player a lot more boost and flying power. You don’t need to worry about waiting for your Nitro to recharge after using them all up. This gives you more flexibility in the game, so enjoy it!

Review of Mini Militia MOD Menu

In this section, I will be reviewing the pros and cons of mini militia’s so you can make a more educated decision. I have played with some of the best militias in order to find out which one is the best.

mini militia mod menu wall hack

There are many benefits of downloading the mod menu, but there are also many risks that should be considered before downloading. And, I will list all of them below.


  1. Has a great 2D design that looks appealing to kids and adults.
  2. You have the ability to customize weapons and also play online for up to 12 players in a single game session.
  3. The mini militia mod menu is a great way to improve the game and make it more enjoyable.
  4. Fully upgraded weapons
  5. Quickly rank up to the maximum level
  6. Different skins for each weapon and character
  7. This game does not offer much, but the simplicity makes up for it in its pure entertainment value
  8. It is free through Google Play Store.
  9. The game can be easily downloaded and played on mobile devices
  10. Playing with friends in offline mode is possible.


  1. Almost every other player is using a hack.
  2. It is pointless to play if all gamers use unlimited health. They will just keep shooting, wasting bullets, and not score a single point.
  3. We cannot find our friend’s accounts or add them. Just connect to a LAN and play with anyone who joins.
  4. The new user interface makes old players hard to adapt with the interface.

How to install Mini Militia Mod Menu

YouTube video

“Doodle Army 2” is a fun and addicting strategy game that combines role-playing, shooter, and defense elements in one. The game has an outstanding classic 2D graphic presentation, with the player able to choose from various well-designed maps.

Kindly follow these steps to download and install the mini militia mod menu on your android device.

  1. Tap on the download button to visit Google Drive.
  2. Save the file into your hardware from there.
  3. Now, locate the downloads folder.
  4. Tap on the downloaded apk file.
  5. Enable “installation from unknown sources” if prompted. This warning is basically shown for apps that are not downloaded from the official Play Store. Ignore this if the permissions are already granted.
  6. Now, after installation, tap on the MM icon on the home screen.
  7. Then, enable the “draw over other apps” option and start playing.

This is a mod menu for the game mini militia. It was created by “Poison Modz” and can be downloaded at the link below.

Download (43 MB)

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Activation Steps for Mini Militia Mod Menu

MiniMilitia is a game that offers you the opportunity to grow your own military forces to protect your base from the enemy. You’re given a pre-built base and have to protect it from enemies. The game is highly addictive and you can play it for hours on end.

Just installation is not enough to activate the modded version of mini militia. Perform these steps below to get the mod fully running:

  1. Open the game and grant the draw over other apps permission if prompted.
  2. Now, tap on the mod menu icon of red color at the left sidebar.
  3. Scroll to see the list of mods and premium features.
  4. Enable the radio button next to an option to activate the mod.
  5. Click on either minimize or hide to close the mod menu.

That’s it.


1. What exactly is a militia?

A militia is a military unit that can be called up to serve in emergency situations. It is not considered a standing army, and it has the singular military purpose of protecting the state from threats outside its borders.

In most countries, the term "militia" means a part-time force that is either organized or commanded by civilians who serve for their own civil defense, police work and other public tasks, instead of for one of the armed services.

2. What are the requirements to play this game?

First of all, you will need the Android Operating System of Version 4.4 and up. Then, at least 2 GB of RAM and 500 MB of free internal disk are necessary to install the file. Besides that, you will need an internet connection to download and play online. A hotspot or LAN might be necessary to play locally among peers.

3. Is it available for Windows PC?

Actually, we will require to install an Emulator like NOX or BlueStacks to be able to create an Android Virtual Environment inside our windows computer. Then only we will be able to play the mini militia mod menu on our PC.

4. How to play with friends?

There must be a host to play MM with friends. Open the game and select Play Custom. Then, you can either choose to "Create Game" or "Join Game". If you are creating a new lobby, select the map next. You can set the match duration up to 15 minutes. Now, copy the game code from the bottom left corner and send it to friends. They will use this exact code to join the game.

Final Words

At a glance, this mini militia mod menu will provide unlimited features and help you enjoy the game with a premium experience. It gives you unlimited ammo, nitro, boost, health, and name anything you require. But the game becomes over-saturated with hackers all over using unlimited health. So, download it for fun and if you use our website, do not enable the infinite health just to make the gameplay fair and interesting.

Again, if you have any problems, feedback, issues, removal requests, or just anything, feel free to contact us and we shall take action immediately. Meanwhile, you can bookmark us or turn on the notifications to receive future updates.

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