Mini Militia MOD By Sahad IKR Download APK 2022 (Pro Pack)

Download Mini Militia mod by Sahad IKR latest version in 2022 and get the pro pack, infinite ammo, and nitro boost with anti-ban. This will let you fly in the sky with unlimited gas and fire limitless bullets to win the match. Plus, all the characters, costumes, and weapons come for free in the pro pack unlocked.

mini militia mod by sahad ikr mod apk download now

Although Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2 is top 3 free-action android games, there’re some voids left to fill. Suppose, if a player is having an intense battle, he runs out of bullets immediately. Moreover, while flying and shooting, they can fall directly outside the map due to fuel outages and game over.

The 2D graphics are awesome, giving the vibes of old Nintendo NES games. But, the costumes and weapons are locked, and we have to buy cash and drop boxes to get cards. Those cards contain secret items to unlock and make progress.

Therefore, to save all of this time and make easy progression, we bring the new version of mini militia mod by Sahad IKR that contains everything you need to win the game. For instance, you will get all the features that are still in development on the original version, simply not found anywhere else.

This article also offers a mini militia review, where you can find out if this app is worth downloading into your phone or not. You will also know if this free-to-play application is worth its money or not. Let’s start.

Mini Militia Mod By Sahad IKR Details

App NameMini Militia MOD by Sahad IKR
App StatusNew
CategoryAndroid Games, Mini Militia
DeveloperSahad IKR
PublishedAugust 15, 2022
File Size46.67 MB
Operating System RequirementAndroid 4.4 and up

What’s New

  • Pro Pack and premium features Unlocked
  • Unlimited Nitro and Bullets
  • Immense Health
  • Pass Bullet Through Walls
  • Hold two guns
  • And more.

Game Description

Mini Militia mod by Sahad IKR is an android shooting game with online and offline intense multiplayer fights. It comes with two-dimensional graphics delivering the aura of old 90s cartoons like Tiny Toons. Plus, the audio and chatter are on point, giving that real animation tone. It is also a great time killer for those who love strategic games. The gameplay is not that easy to get used to, so it requires some time, practice, and close attention.

Likewise, the game takes place in an apocalyptic future. The player will start with a simple pistol. Later on, they can unlock more weapons like a shotgun or machine gun. This is an action strategy game with players surgically striking on the enemies inside the battlefield. The maps can be explored by scouting anywhere either by ground or air.

Also, it is among the top three RPG games where players control a hero with different weapons and try to defeat waves of enemies. The game’s graphics are 2D colorful and the gameplay is very satisfying.

Game Modes and Maps

Mini Militia‘s maps are designed to be interesting, as well as challenging for its players. For example, some maps have narrow corridors that make it hard to move around. Similarly, others have large open spaces that make it easy to dodge bullets and shoot from any direction.

mini militia maps

Likewise, the game starts with six players at most with one objective to emerge victories. We have dozens of designs inside Avatar such as Head, Hair, Body, Accessories, and outfit. Moreover, the armory has handguns, SMGs, Rifles, Shotguns, and specials.

Inside specials, we have a flamethrower, grenade launcher, phaser, EMP Gun, Rocket Launcher, Minigun, Saw Gun, and Machete. The game modes include:

  1. Free For All: Online Multiplayer, every player fights for himself to get the highest scores.
  2. Team Deathmatch: Join the yellow or blue team of 3 players or fewer each to score for individual teams.
  3. Practice: Battle against random bots joining instructor to score.
  4. Custom Game: Create Rooms to play offline over a LAN hotspot.

Similarly, the TDM and Practice modes unlock at level 2. There are over 20 maps that unlock at various stages as follows.

  • Mini Outpost – unlock at level 1 by default.
  • Crossfire, Outpost Junkyard, Lunarcy, & Underground unlock at level 5.
  • So Long, Pyramid and Catacombs (7)
  • Snow Blind, Bottleneck, and High Tower reveal at stage 9.
  • Jungle unlocks (10)
  • Icebox, Vantage, No Escape, Subdivision (11)
  • Alienate (12)
  • Cliffhanger, Overseer, Suspension, Undermine (13)
  • Sniper Outpost (17)

Mini Militia MOD By Sahad IKR Features

The major gameplay revolves around militias going through a series of levels on maps. Their aim is to achieve the highest points by killing enemies and gaining coins. Each kill is equivalent to 5 coins, which means 10 points give 50 coins. It features cooperative modes such as TDM and solo, which allows up to six players to fight.

27 kills using mini militia mod by sahad ikr

Below are all the exclusive features available in this version of the Mini Militia mod menu apk only.

Inexhaustible Nitro: Players will be able to use Unlimited Nitro Boost to complete all levels with ease. This will also increase the flying speed in the air. Traveling from one post to the other will be a lot quicker and fast.

Unlimited Bullets: Two machine guns are provided at the start of the game by default that fires unlimited bullets. There’s no reload and the bullets can go through the walls, regardless of any obstacles.

Pro Pack Unlocked: The Mini Militia Pro Pack is a combo of premium resources for players who want to upgrade their experience. It pack includes all the unlockable weapons, different types of grenades, throwable items, and body armors.

Unlimited Health: The enemies can try their best but they will never be able to finish you due to the infinite health.

In the game, there are many different types of weapons that can be unlocked through playtime. But not all of them are available to players for free. The Mini Militia Pro Pack gives you hidden weapons including MK48 Assault Rifle and the M67 Fragmentation Grenade. It also includes 2 exclusive throwable items such as the Smoke Bomb.

Review of Mini Milita MOD by Sahad IKR

Doodle Army 2 is a highly addictive combat strategy game in which you fight against the world’s most dangerous militias. First released on March 13, 2015, the original and official version of MM has more than 100 million downloads. It includes hours of an intense firefight in highly addictive gameplay.

match making in mini militia mod apk by sahad ikr

Moreover, we can also join online events, play with our friends, and chat with people from around the world. The game is packed with exciting missions that will keep you on your toes.

Firstly, the great game is 100% free, and also available on both iOS and Android platforms. This is convenient for players who want to play it on any device they might have.


  1. Multiplayer game with a pure old-school design and simple graphics from the 2000s.
  2. The gameplay is smooth, challenging, and rewarding.
  3. The visuals are not cutting edge, but they are still very colorful, reminiscent of good time spent on childhood games.
  4. The gaming controls are very simple. Easily command the soldier using directional and fire buttons holding different weapons.
  5. All the premium features are activated automatically by default. We don’t need to perform any additional steps to enable or disable the pro version attributes.
  6. The boosters last for an infinite time until the game finishes.
  7. Never get KOed due to the presence of infinite health.
  8. The game itself has really good styles and textures, so you’ll enjoy playing it too.


  1. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to differentiate between the same team and enemies. The similar green color and alike costumes make it distracting. We have to check the health meter and player names to identify the foes.
  2. Almost every other gamer is using a hacked version. It makes the experience a little bit boring as well as tough to score.
  3. It’s not fair to use wallhacks and unlimited health against normal players who don’t cheat. Therefore, they will exit out to the lobby and only the ones with mod apk will stay.

A lot of people love this game because it’s actually quite addictive due to multiplayer battles. In addition, there is no need for an internet connection in order to play. So, is pretty convincing if you’re someone who doesn’t use data at all or only launches it when necessary.

Download and Installation Process

You might be wondering what mini militia apk is, or what can it do for your device. Well, it’s an application that provides you with different types of guns and shooting ranges. The developer has designed this app to run on all kinds of devices, both smart and low-end phones.

Below are the steps to download Mini Militia Mod by Sahad IKR:

  1. First of all, click on the button below that takes you to Mediafire.
  2. There, click the download again to start saving the file apk into your phone.
  3. After downloading is complete, tap on the apk file from notifications windows.
  4. Allow installation from unknown sources if prompted.
  5. Follow the on-screen instruction to complete the process.

Download Mod Menu

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Steps to play the game:

  1. Go to your phone home screen.
  2. Tap on the Mini Militia icon to launch it.
  3. Enable the option “Allow display over other apps”.
  4. Press the back button.
  5. Select your google play account.
  6. Tap on Battle to start the game.

android display over other apps


1. How to hack mini militia 2022?

Modifying mini militia source code requires the understanding of JAVA programming language and XML. We need to edit the files through Android Studio or a similar compiler to switch the in-built assets with new ones. Then pack all the files and combine them into one executable apk file. Some people also use a third-party application known as Lucky Patcher to hack mini militia in 2022.

2. Is Mini Militia available for PC?

Android games such as Mini Milita are always available to play on PC or desktop computers. But this will require us to create an android Virtual Environment using programs such as emulators. APK file extensions are supported by Android Operating System only. So, it is essential to create a VE such as NOX, BlueStacks, etc.

3. What is Mini Militia MOD by Sahad IKR?

MOD simply stands for modified, which means the original content of the game is changed to get premium and exclusive items unlocked.

4. Is Mini Militia offline?

Yes, you can play Mini Militia both offline and online.

5. Why mini militia is not working or lagging?

Some common reasons why MM might not work or lag is because of outdated versions. Another common issue is caused by version conflict between players. For example, someone might by using a mod created by Sahad IKR while the other person could use the Play Store version. Also, weak or slow network connection with higher ping also contributes to lagging and freezing issues.

Final Words

At a glance, MM is a game loved by players of all ages, with addictive gameplay and simple controls. Now, I was able to make 27 kills using this mini militia mod by sahad ikr as seen in the above screenshot. The unlimited nitro and bullets mean that there will be no waiting time to refill the bars. Anyways, if you have any concerns, reports, or want to send a feature request, feel free to contact us.

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