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Get the full original unlocked necrophonic apk download for android & learn how the electronic voice phenomenon works to communicate with spirits and the paranormal.
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Get the full original unlocked necrophonic apk download for android & learn how the electronic voice phenomenon works to communicate with spirits and the paranormal. The Necrophonics app produces random sounds and pre-recorded voices in the form of echoes, reverb, and white noises.

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Well, in this article, we will not only download the necrophonic apk for free but also debunk the myths surrounding it. Also, discover how the EVP works and reveal whether the app is worth using or not.

Experts believe that this application is extremely useful in doing paranormal investigations. With that in mind, let’s start.

Necrophonic APK Details

App NameNecrophonic
Size90.5 MB
Operating SystemAndroid 4.1 and up

APK Description & Features

Necrophonics is one of the most popular ghost hunting apps for Instrumental Trans-Communication. It is similar to the Spirit Box program that uses 8 sound banks.

The sound bank does not contain any real words but uses vowels and consonants in different languages. Additionally, it contains white noise taken from DR60 recorders. But it does not produce or generate white noises. Rather, it just spreads the pre-recorded frequencies.

To make the ITC sessions more clear, there’s also a feature for Echo. It helps in better understanding the replies in unintelligible situations. The reverb facilities also contribute to making the audio more effective.

Kindly read the research below thoroughly to understand more about how the necrophonic apk functions.

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Electronic Voice Phenomenon

We must understand the EVP process before learning how the necrophonic app works. EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomenon. It is basically an instrumental transcommunicator. It is not an actual communication like you do with other friends but a way of transitioning to communication.

The EVP software or devices run different kinds of frequencies with multiple layers rapidly. For example, in a set of 2 split seconds, they send like 10 MHz of frequencies.

This technology sometimes does it on an amplitude modulation as well as frequency modulation. Still, these types of EVP software might not be in multiple bands. Each program has its own rules for sending frequencies. So, when they perform such tasks, they produce some kind of “White Noise”.

Now, white noise is one of the types of different frequencies with equal energy distribution. According to paranormal researchers, spirits use these types of waves for communication. So, EVP will scan different frequencies that generate a white noise through which the spirit can communicate.

A waveform of white noise plotted on graph
A waveform of white noise plotted on graph
Source: Wikipedia

The use of EVP is not a new discovery. In 1949, Marcello Bacci, who used to allow people to communicate with their dead ones using old vacuum tube radio. When those people leave the room, they were convinced that they just made an intelligent communication with a deceased one.

In fact, scientist Thomas Alva Edison, even said that there could be a device that could communicate with spirits. But unfortunately, he couldn’t make it. Finally, the new generation of scientists figured it out with the help of different frequencies.

EVP Technology Process

When spirits don’t have a physical body, they lack vocal cords to produce sound. So, they electrically manipulate such frequencies into a spoken voice or noise. Such sounds are inaudible to humans due to the low Megahertz below our ear’s capacity.

Human ears can hear from 20 to 25 Hz. These software and devices work as a replacement for frequencies below or higher than that. They generate white noise, that the spirit uses to send an intelligent reply.

So, communication is only possible through devices or software that can manipulate and convert those inaudible frequencies into legit human-readable words.

Then, EVP transmits those words in the form of frequencies. The spirits can combine those words and return an intelligent response. So the voice that is pre-recorded is electrically manipulated by the spirits who want to communicate.

Again what are those pre-recorded words that these software stores and spread out? They could be the words in form of verbs in different languages, also the reverbs. So, this is how all the devices generally work by spreading out pre-recorded voices in different frequencies.

Suppose you are doing a paranormal investigation and you ask the spirit “What is your name?” And let’s say he replies back “Jorge”. Here Jorge is not the part of pre-recorded voice. The pre-recorded voice is something else being transferred. Jorge, the reply, is the manipulated voice.

Paranormal Communication through EVP

It is nearly impossible to get random, especially intelligent responses. They are scanning the radio frequency channels so fast that there is a one-in-a-million chance to get an accurate response to the question that you ask the spirit.

Because there are millions of words being transferred in millions of frequencies in split seconds. So, it is next to impossible that any device can arrange those words and decode them correctly as well as accurately.

That is the scientific part. If you want to get convinced unscientifically, you need to talk to the device and ask different questions. Ask them every single detail about someone’s personal life, could be you or anybody.

If all the replies are accurate, that’s a confirmation. And, if not, the frequencies are just messing up. If the myths are true, spirits must have the power to manipulate those millions of frequencies into an intelligent audible voice.

Existence of Paranormal


The reason for the denial of ghosts and spirits is simple, they don’t have a physical body. Also, they cannot be captured or recorded on camera. They are just energies. If you see anyone publishing a real physical form of a ghost, they are doing it for clout only.

However, all of this is just theory-based. But we cannot prove the existence of the paranormal in any way possible yet. We can confirm that the ATC is talking to the pilot at different frequencies. But we cannot confirm that we just made an intelligent communication with a spirit using devices.

So, all of this revolves round and round in circles. There’s no way to prove it scientifically because they don’t have a physical form. But the replies we get on EVP devices are real. The outputs are manipulated from the pre-recorded words that our device sends. It’s just not a confirmation that the replies are coming from spirits or something else.

Is Necrophonics APK Legit or Fake?

When you launch the necrophonic apk, it produces a creepy intro sound. This audio is enough to scare people with a weak heart. There are two groups of people on this topic, believers and non-believers. Let’s just ignore the non-believers for now.

An important finding that developers pointed out is that the size of the application is very low. It would take a lot of programming efforts and codes to compose an app that would send out EVP frequencies. However, it lacks any base or foundation because we can compress the codes and files into a smaller size. So, this theory is completely baseless.

Another theory was that the hardware requirements such as the EVP sensor or AM/FM receiver. While most of the old models lack such sensors, the new android devices might contain hardware that spread out frequencies. So, you need to make sure that your hardware contains such sensors in order for the Necrophonic apk to work.

Practically, many public YouTubers such as the “After 1 AM” channel consistently use the Necrophonic app during their investigations. While they have found some responses coming through the app, some others don’t.

So, we are still unsure if the app is worth your time or not because it requires real-time experiments. Still, the app is good enough to scare away your friends and have some fun at late-night parties.

Experiment Requirements

Since we don’t have a final answer due to the debate on the internet, we can share a risky experiment. You can try it to find the legitimacy of the necrophonic apk yourself.

However, please note that we will not be liable for any positive or negative outcomes of this experiment as you will conduct it at your own risk. We are not forcing you at anything because playing with the paranormal is always dangerous.

If you are willing to take risks, then this experiment will require the following additional gadgets.

  • At least 3 real haunted locations, proven by paranormal experts.
  • Motion sensor lights
  • Night Vision CCTV Cameras
  • EMF Measuring Device
  • Digital Room Thermometer
  • A few balloons

We don’t need more gadgets because they will create confusion. Before conducting the experiment, always apply necessary precautions. Take a team of experts with you for your safety if anything goes wrong. Never visit the haunted locations alone. Conduct this same investigation in all three locations. Also, do background research on the locations before visiting the actual places.

Necrophonic APK Experiment

Now, the experiment is like this:

  1. Visit the location.
  2. Setup your gadgets.
  3. Check the indications or signs on the gadgets.
  4. Observe if the motion sensor lights are blinking without human or environmental effects.
  5. Are there any fluctuations in room temperature?
  6. Are there any signs on the EMF meter?
  7. Also, are the balloons moving without the effect of wind or air?

Check all of these factors to confirm the location is actually haunted. Now, open the necrophonics apk and turn on the “White Noise” feature. Then, start talking to the paranormal energy in that particular location. Ask various questions, like the details about the place, and similar. Listen carefully and observe if you get any clear response.

Final Verdict

Once testing the application on at least three to five haunted locations proven by the paranormal society, we can come to a conclusion about whether the app is real or fake. We would like to thank all the paranormal experts who have contributed to making this article. Unfortunately, we are a team of web and android developers.

Therefore, we don’t have enough devices to conduct the paranormal investigation. Anyways, if you or your team ever carries out this experiment, don’t forget to share the results through our contact page so that we can update the page and help our future readers.

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