SEE Result 2079 Class 10 Nepal – Check Result With Marksheet

The National Examination Board (NEB) will announce the SEE Result 2079 / 2078 towards the final weekend of Aasadha or the first week of Shrawan. The official dates are subject to change due to the ongoing elections and the papers are still being checked.

check see result 2079

After months of rumors and speculations, the month of Baishakh was confirmed as the SEE 2079 exam date. The necessary preparations were made by the board. It was less likely or had almost no chance of getting postponed.

Finally, the SEE Class 10 exams for the 2078 batch started on Baishakh 9 of 2079 and ended on Baishakh 20. On the other hand, the Nepal government shall announce the class 10 results 2079 nearly three months later after the exams take place. It means that we could get the result announcement by the end of Ashwin or Shrawan month.

Meanwhile, we shall keep you updated with all the upcoming SEE news as soon as the dates are officially confirmed.

SEE Result 2079 Nepal Online

The original paper dates were scheduled in Chaitra. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the board has to suffer from obstacles. To prevent any further spread of the virus, NEB took the wise decision to cancel the exams and postpone them to a later date in Baishakh 9. While this might affect the students and teachers, the board seems to care about the well-being of everyone involved.

As per the spokesperson from the Ministry of Education, the dates and processes are now revised and locked in. The board members talked with the chairman and principals of various schools to come to a conclusion. On the other hand, the preparation for the exams started on Chaitra and the registration form in Ashwin 15 of 2078 BS.

Therefore, the first paper of the SEE Exam 2078 batch was held in 2079, Baishash 9 starting with Cumpolsory English. Any further updates and information about the see result date 2079 shall be provided on our website.

The Secondary Education Examinations are the foremost crucial part of a student’s life in Nepal. Previously, it was known as the School Leaving Certificate (SLC) exams, a metrics exit from the primary grades and enter a higher secondary level of education.

SEE Result 2079 Release Date

It is clear that the exams did not take place during the Chaitra month. The results will be public on either Shrawan or Bhadra. All the information of the see result 2079 date in Nepal will be published here with the mark sheet for all the regions.

Not only that, you will find excellent techniques to score good grades and secure your future if you keep reading till the end. We are trying to cover everything related to SEE and/or SLC to help students reach their academic goals.

Moreover, our excellent writers are working and staying active 24/7 to deliver authentic news for class 10 students. As far as the results are concerned, most participants secured an excellent 4.0 A+ GPA score last time.

It was quite satisfying for the parents as well despite going through the COVID-19 pandemic times. It was a history-making outcome as NEB never had such good performance from students in the past.

Click here to download the complete SEE 2079 schedule of batch 2078.

BoardExpected DateExpected Time
SEE Exams StartBaishakh 0908:00 AM - 11:00 AM
SEE EndBaishakh 2008:00 AM - 11:00 AM
SEE ResultsShrawan/BhadraTBA

* TBA indicates To Be Announced.

How to see SEE result 2079 online?

The results of SEE 2079 will be published on the site. As soon as the government announces the outcome, just open this website and use the search box here to check your result. Our servers are heavily optimized and do not crash with a capacity to handle 60,000 students who are using it live in real-time every second. So, we are the only reliable source for checking the SEE result in Nepal.

Besides, there are alternatives to check results via SMS whose process is described below.

  1. Open the SMS app on your mobile phone.
  2. Type SEE in the message box.
  3. Put a space and insert your symbol number.
  4. Insert 35001 or 1600 in the receiver’s number.
  5. Send the message.

Now, these are the classic old methods of checking your grades online and it might cost you some mobile balance. Please note that there are hundreds of thousands of students trying to check the result at the same time. So, these types of services are slower than our website and might crash delivering the information late. We recommend you to use the SMS method only when there’s no internet access in your area or lack the proper device to open a webpage.

Moreover, these SMS services are launched by NTC, Ncell, and Sparrow. Alternatively, if you want to hear results by voice call, dial 1600 from a Namaste SIM Card or Nepal Telecom landline. Then, follow the IVR instructions the bot tells by pressing various instructed numbers on the dial-pad.

Check SEE result 2079 with marksheet

There are multiple ways to check the 10th class results with a mark sheet online. As soon as the results are announced by the NEB, visit our website. Then, enter your symbol/roll number plus date of birth (if applicable) to get the scores.

check see result 2079 with marksheet

Finally, click on “Search Result” to get your complete grade sheet for the Secondary Education Examination.

Change in Exam Schedule

Last year, nobody was expecting the outbreak of a virus in Nepal that affected lives so badly. The exams that were scheduled to happen in Chaitra were delayed to happen in Baishakh. It was the first time the Nepalese were facing such a huge pandemic out of nowhere and people including the government were not properly prepared.

Since the classes were not taken properly as not everyone has access to the internet for online lectures, the paper was quite easy for the students. Hence, many online exams were launched for higher-level colleges with new extraordinary policies. As a result of this, hundreds of fellow undergraduates who were stuck in intermediate and bachelor’s degree passed their certificates with ease.

Now, it is up to you to decide whether it was a right or wrong decision to postpone and hold online exams. However, as the lockdown was over, class 10 students still have to walk down to the various colleges and exam centers to attend the offline tests.

Later, it was confirmed that there’ll be no online exams for SEE students. They’ll still have to sit in classrooms with other colleagues. The syllabus of most of the schools was complete and attendees focused on achieving good grades already.

When will SEE Result 2079 Published?

As mentioned above, the date for SEE 2079 results will be announced two or three months later after the exams are held. This usually takes place in the month of Shrawan or Bhadra. As of now, the exam dates are just speculations but not finalized. As the cases of new COVID-19 Omicron variants are increasing, Nepal could possibly face another lockdown. This will potentially result in further delay of the exams.

So, this is a very critical situation for the students that are worried about the exams. We want to make clear that in no way you should not stop the preparations because as soon as the lockdown is over, you will have to sit in the exam halls. Therefore, this is the perfect time for you to study and gain better grades outcome as there’s more time left. Being nervous is quite obvious but never be assured that exams might postpone beyond Baishakh and Jaistha.

Plus, after SLC was rebranded into SEE, there will be no failures but no toppers as well. All the students will be judged based on their GPA grading system. The final topper of Nepal Class 10 was Dikhsit Paudel who scored 94% total back in 2071 BS (8 years ago). So, this is a quite good relief for making progress in the education system as people won’t be stuck at lower grades. However, good GPA marks determine the subject one can choose at a higher level.

SEE 2079 Update

According to one of the extremely trusted and credible sources online, NEB is already preparing to conduct SEE 2079 exams in the month of Baishakh. The SEE 2079 routine shall be released in a few upcoming days if everything happens smoothly without any COVID interferences.


If you are still confused about the Nepal Class 10 results and exams, we have prepared some small answers below in short.

1. how to check see result 2079 with marksheet?

The best method to check mark sheet is to open the website and search for "SEE Results" in the box. Then, you will find a page that allows you to insert the symbol number and date of birth. After inserting the information correctly, just click on "Search Result". This will require you to have access to the internet with a good browser, which could be mobile or desktop.

2. What is the date of SEE Result 2079?

The dates will be announced after the exams of 2079 SEE happen. As of now, students should only focus on studying and getting good grades.

3. Will this process work for next year as well?

Absolutely yes. We will bring the results next year in 2080 as well along with other upper standards such as Class 11 and 12th. Be sure to bookmark us right now to get notified of future results instantly.

4. how can I check SEE results via SMS?

The SEE results services are provided by Ncell, NTC, and Sparrow SMS. However, due to overload, their servers might be slow. In case they are not working, use our website that can handle up to 60K active users per second. Still, if you want to use the SMS service, just type SEE SYMBOL and send it to either 35001 or 1600. This will cost you money in the form of mobile balance and only display the GPA grade.

5. Do marks matter?

If you want to get admission to better colleges, achieve scholarships, and select good tough subjects for the future, marks do matter. But they are only limited to colleges. Hundreds of degree holders with good percentages and GPAs are sitting at home unemployed while the backbenchers are found becoming equally successful. Therefore, marks only matter while you are studying in schools and colleges but not in business. Yes, they also work in Public Service Commission tests (Lok Sewa). But if you want to do business, practical knowledge is more important.

6. How to get good marks in SEE exams?

The way you study makes a difference in how you achieve the scores. First of all, if there is a time gap between each subject during exams, then it is to revise, not to learn new topics. Unless you are that extraordinary student, you will forget other topics if you try new things before the exam. So, we highly recommend you to prepare months before the exams occur.

On the other hand, students should know what they will face inside the hall. Most of the attendees fail to score good marks because they had no idea what to read. Therefore, if there is enough time left, just outline the main topics for your subject. Check out the old question papers such as old is gold, DLE, and get hints about the possible upcoming questions to prepare.

Moreover, stay away from alcohol, smoking, video games, mobiles, and social media during the time. While you study, forget about the past or future, because they are just imaginations in your head. The past is already gone, you cannot change it, there's no control over the future, but the present is the only thing that should matter to you. Go deep into the topic, be conscious about what you are doing, and ignore the outer third world.

If you are stuck in a question, don't give up but try again. There are plenty of tutorials online, youtube videos, as well as a messenger where you can call your friends and teachers for help if you need it. The teacher will actually feel honored and respected if you call him/her for a solution. So, don't be scared to ask your gurus and never leave any question until you solve it by meaningfully understanding it. So, these are some of the tried and tested methods to get good results in SEE.