Tekken 3 APK Download 21 MB Android 2023 (鉄拳3)

Get the classic arcade combat sports game Tekken 3 apk download for android in 2023 with a highly compressed size of 21 MB only. Released by Bandai Namco between 1997-98 in various parts of the world, 鉄拳3 is the third installment in its franchise.

The battle for the King of Iron Fist Tournament was originally available for Playstation and emulators. The game was one of the most successful releases selling more than 8 million copies for PS.

During the passage of time, a lot of new operating systems were introduced, including android. The official version of Tekken 3 was not available for the mobile platform. To fulfill this growing demand, third-party developers converted the game into an apk format which you will download here. Not only that, you will learn much information about Tekken 3 in this article. Let’s start.

Tekken 3 APK Details

App NameTekken 3 (鉄拳3)
Android Requirement5.0+
Size21 MB
License TypeFreeware
Updated1 Day Ago

Tekken 3 APK Description

tekken 3 apk download

Download Tekken 3 APK 21 MB

First of all, it is 100% safe and secures to download, and scanned by antivirus programs. It does not use an internet connection either, so there’s no concern for privacy as well. Yes, there is also a volleyball mode in known as the “Tekken Ball Mode”.

But, before downloading, we want to inform you that we are not the developers of Tekken 3 apk. Some random geeks on the internet developed this game. This is just a review article and we are not responsible for the changes the app will bring to your phone. Kindly download it at your own risk as we neither host these files nor develop them.


  • 100 MB of free Internal Disk Space
  • 2 GB Ram


Game Modes

One can play the following modes in TK3:

  1. Arcade: Compete in 10 different stages to unlock characters. Also, play multiplayer with friends if connected to a hotspot through a PPSSP application.
  2. VS Mode: Only applicable for PC and Playstation versions as it requires two players who compete with each other.
  3. Team Battle Mode: Select a number of team members and battle with the opposing team. Eliminate all the contestants to win.
  4. Time Attack Mode: Provides limited time with a fast countdown.
  5. Survival Mode: One K.O. ends the game and a new opponent arrives. Your health remains the same and the challenge is to make a high score by surviving without being knocked out.
  6. Tekken Ball Mode: Enjoy the fun of Volleyball.
  7. Tekken Force Mode: This is an adventurous story mode where you will face multiple enemies at once on the street. Beat the main goon to pass the stage.

How to unlock additional characters

Besides the regular 7 characters that we get to play by default, we need to unlock the remaining characters by clearing the stages of Aracade mode versus CPU. But there are some special characters that require performing certain tasks to unlock them.

Let’s start with Gon. It is a guest character in Tekken 3 that has special abilities to lower HP by exhaling fireballs, giving electric shocks, and farting. Gon is also immune to the fire that the True Ogre exhales. But Gon is hidden by default in the lobby. So, to unlock Gon, we need to play the Survival Mode and make a high score. Then, as the game ends, you have to write the player name as “Gon” without quotes and it will immediately unlock.

Similarly, to reveal Dr. B, we need to play the “Tekken Force Mode” and clear all the stages by defeating all the head bosses. It is advisable that you set the difficulty to Easy before playing this as you will be surrounded by more than one opponent. As you complete a season, you will get 1 key. There are a total of three seasons, that get harder every time you win a key. When you finally get the third key, Doctor Bosconovitch will be saved and hence unlocked.

Moreover, you can unlock additional characters and costumes using the cheats that are listed below.

Steps to enable cheats

This compressed version of Tekken 3 comes with cheats that you can easily access. Once you launch the game and start playing, press the back button. Then tap on “Cheats” and select the ones you like and click on “Apply”.

Below is the list of all available cheats:

  • Infinite Energy (Arcade Mode)
  • No Energy
  • Most characters include alternate costumes
  • Unlock Eddy.
  • Total Time
  • Infinite time to choose characters
  • Enable Theatre Mode (this does not work as it requires additional files to play the post-credit movies)
  • Infinite HP
  • Enable Tekken Ball Mode
  • Infinite Energy –  when this is enabled, all the opponents lose automatically as the match starts.
  • Have all keys (Unlocks Dr. B)
  • Infinite Time (Tekken Force Mode)
  • Funny Opening
  • Wrap to Last Stage

Emulator Features

The best part of this Tekken 3 mod apk is that you don’t need to install a third-party emulator to play. The game itself is an emulator that comes with virtual buttons and does not require an additional iso file either. Everything is previously attached within the app.

Besides that, we can also change the BIOS (.bin) file to custom by tapping on settings during the startup. Moreover, for different device models and screens, it has the features to change CPU Preferences such as the Frameskip, Show FPS, and MME Enable. We can also change the screen orientation into four types, screen ratio, color depth, and Top/Bottom Black Hands.

Moreover, it comes provides us the options to change the video renderer to Software, Hardware, FXAA Filter, and OpenGL. Similarly, there are options to switch video filtering, PSX Dithering, and GPU Plugin. We can also rearrange the position of the Gamepad buttons on the screen and select the input method in case a joystick is connected.

Plus, all other premium features of an emulator are equipped with this application for free in less than 22 MB size. But the only drawback is that it cannot play the Theatre mode unless an additional file is provided, which could be as big as 1 GB. Besides that, the emulator is perfect for those who love classic arcade multiplayer games.

How to Download tekken 3 apk

To play Tekken 3 on android, you need to install Zarchiver app first which helps to extract RAR files that are encrypted with passwords. After Zarchiver installation is complete, use the button below to download Tekken 3 APK (22 MB) from Mediafire.

Next, after downloading the apk, open Zarchiver and navigate to the Downloads folder. There, tap on the Tekken3.rar file and choose extract. These, select a location and enter the password to extract. Finally, tap on the Tekken3.apk file to install. Check the video for full instructions and to reveal the password.

List of Tekken 3 Characters

This combat competition game has characters from every martial arts sport. It may include wrestling, karate, taekwondo, capoeira, muay Thai, kung fu, and other martial arts. Also, discover interesting facts, cheats, and methods to unlock mighty Tekken 3 characters. Below is the list of all the characters from Tekken 3.

CharacterNick NameFighting Style
KingAnger of BeastLucha Libre (Professional Wrestling)
Eddie GordoVengeful Demon of PrisonCapoeira
YoshimitsuSpace NinjaNinjutsu (Ninja)
HwoarangBlood TalonTae Kwondo
Paul PhoenixBlazing BrawlerJudo Fighter
Bryan FurySnake EyesMuay Thai Kickboxing
Anna WIlliamsScarlet LightningHapkido
Lei WulongSuper PoliceKung Fu
Jin KazamaLightening of FateShito-ryu Karate
Marshall LawThe Fighting ChefJeet Kune Do
KumaRage BearKuma Shinken
Tiger JacksonPhantom DancerCapoeira
Heihachi MishimaThe King of Iron FistKarate
Nina WilliamsSilent AssassinHapkido & Submission Wrestling
Ancient OgreToshinMixed
Doctor BosconovitchThe CreatorSystema
Gun JackSuper Killing MachinePower Fighting
Julia ChangWandering FighterXing Yi Quan
Ling XiaoyuHigh Spirited GirlChinese Martial Arts
MokujinN.A.Adapted from other fighters
PandaN.A.Kuma Shinken
True OgreN.AAdapted

Who is the best player in Tekken 3?

Well, my personal favorite character in Tekken 3 is Hwoarang. As I come from a martial arts background, I like to use the Tae Kwondo kicks like the butterfly tornado kick to knock the opponents out. Again, that’s a debate whether TaeKwondo works in a real fight or not, but it surely works in Tekken.

In the same way, my second favorite player in Tekken 3 is Yoshimitsu due to the fact that he can end the game with one hit using the sword. Again the weakest in terms of physical capabilities but full of supernatural powers, True Ogre is a character that you should not ignore. He can finish all of his opponents without touching them and breathing fire by flying in the air. However, it does not works for Gon as he has fire-resistant capabilities.

On the other hand, for players who like to brawl in close combat, King and Paul are the best choices. The 16-hit grappling combo by King, which I would like to call “16 Moves of Doom” does not let the opponent escape until they pass out. That’s my personal favorite brawler in Tekken 3 who can perform all sorts of pro wrestling moves. Most notably, King can perform a DDT, Cesaro Swing, Figure Four Leg Lock, Back Breaker, and even Tombstone Piledriver.

So these are the best players in Tekken 3. But it always depends upon the fighting that you like to entertain with. For example, a few people like Capoeira, so they select Eddy Gordo whereas kung fu fans choose Law, Xiaoyu, or Lei. Every player in Tekken 3 is strong enough to knock off their opponents, it’s just that you have to be familiar with the moves.

Final Words

We hope that you were able to get the highly compressed version of tekken 3 apk download for android using the button above. It is by far the best multiplayer arcade video game in the Tekken franchise and brings nostalgia for those late ’90s and early 2000s kids. Let us know in the comments if you have any problems downloading or want to ask questions about the game.

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