WR3D 2K22 Mod Download APK New Version For Android 2022

Discover the latest stable wr3d 2k22 mod download apk new version for android with updated features, moves, realistic costumes, and a clean interface. Securely save the APK file to your device using Google Drive or the Mediafire link directly.

wr3d 2k22 mod apk download

Moreover, this major release runs smoothly on high-end or low-spec devices running on less RAM and storage. Also, discover complete details of the major moves in sports entertainment that are available inside the game.

Plus, the PC version is already available on a separate post with gameplay videos. Also, to learn the major secrets of wr3d 2k22 download, be sure to read the entire page. With that in mind, let’s get started.

WR3D 2K22 MOD Download Information

App NameWR3D 2K22 MOD APK
App StatusUpdated
CategoryAndroid Games
UpdatedAugust 2, 2022
Size235.95 MB
RequirementAndroid 4.0 and up
Operating SystemAndroid

App Images

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What’s New

  • New Cover, Intro, and Music
  • Realistic WWE and AEW graphics, arenas, and models.
  • Added HIAC, and MITB matches.
  • New Attacks, Crushes, Moves, Taunts, and Costumes.
  • Breakable Barricades.
  • Unlocked backstage pass and pro license.
  • All Rosters updated.
  • Unique interface than the previous versions.

Note: Read the complete article for more details on new exciting features.


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  • Android Operating System 4.4 and up.
  • 1 GB RAM minimum – 4 GB RAM (Hardware) – recommended for a better experience.
  • At least 1 GB of free disk space (Internal Storage)

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Display Features

The startup cover of wr3d 2k22 mod apk download for android contains pictures of Brock Lesnar and Drew McIntyre. In the same way, the Background Music is composed of instrumental by Carryminati, known as Yalgaar. Moreover, we can increase the casting limit to up to 100 characters and the item limit to 30.

In addition to that, there’s also an option to turn on and off for Hell in a Cell by visiting Display options. Best of all, the backstage pass and pro license is unlocked. It means that we can increase all the attributes of a character to its maximum limits.

Again, if we tap on “Universe” in the main menu, we can Edit Rosters, Generate, Backup, or Restore Defaults. Plus, there are realistic entrances that can be changed by editing the character. Then, tap on Entrance > Lighting and manage the entry.

On the other hand, there are 47 different new original theme songs in the game. Those intros are taken from real-world pro wrestlers performing in different companies all over the world. Likewise, there are over 226 new gestures for entrance, taunt, special move, and celebration.

Similarly, there are over 35 unique hairstyles and 21 accessories for character editing. The best part is that it contains over 232 Face options of different wrestlers if we go to Costumes > Wrestling Costume > Face.

Pros and Cons

Honestly, this wr3d 2k22 game download apk still requires some improvements, and bug fixes might contain some glitches that are being sorted out. Below are all the advantages of playing it over the original game.

  1. Characters have real names, no need to manually edit the rosters to modify the characters one by one.
  2. Realistic 3D costumes.
  3. New gestures and entrances with original theme songs known as Titantron.
  4. Matches like Hell in A Cell, Elimination Chamber, MITB Ladder Match, Casket Match, and more hardcore rules bookings.
  5. The experience moves like never before, such as the 619, Claymore, Phenomenal Forearm, etc.
  6. Fast and smooth gameplay if the speed is adjusted from the settings.

Like every other game, this also has some cons that are listed below.

  1. 500 MB of free internal free disk space is required.
  2. Sometimes lagging, freezing, and character stuck might appear in low-spec devices. This does not happen too often but slightly one out of 99 chances, this may happen for those whose storage space is full.
  3. Better RAM and CPU mean better performance.


First, we have titles from NXT UK, 24/7, Cruiserweight, ROH, Impact Wrestling, North American Brand, IWGP, and AEW, SmackDown, Raw, WWF, World Heavyweight, and Universal Championship belts. Similarly, it contains microphones of different brands. Also, contains items from Marvel comics such as MJOLNIR (Thor’s Hammer) and Captain America’s Shield.

Now, this wr3d 2k22 new mod download for android contains the following realistic props.

  • Briefcase with different colors
  • Baseball Bat of color variants
  • Sword
  • Silver Play Button
  • Golden Play Button
  • Rare Diamond Play Championship
  • Mask
  • Demon King’s Crown
  • Umbrella
  • Slammy Award
  • Barbed Wire Bat
  • Shovel
  • Chain
  • Ladder
  • Trash Can
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Guitar
  • Unbreakable Steel Steps
  • Cage Piece
  • Wooden Board
  • Hammer

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When it comes to attacks, the Favoured Upper and Lower have no changes, same as the original game. However, there are major big updates on the Big and Running Attacks. We have added three different versions of the Claymore Kick made famous by Drew McIntyre.

Similarly, there’s the European Uppercut move available, made famous by Antonio Cesaro. Some other new attacks include:

  • Full Clothesline
  • two variations of Pele Kick by AJ Styles
  • Rear View of Naomi
  • Rolling Back Kick used by various superstars
  • three variations of Super Kick
  • 3 versions of Superman Punch (made famous by Roman Reigns)
  • Two different Trouble in Paradise by Kofi Kingston
  • V-Trigger by Kenny Omega
  • Step Up Enzuguiri is used by multiple wrestlers

Again, the ‘Flying Attack’ allows performing moves from the top of an object or turnbuckles when the opponent is on his/her feet. In addition to what MDickie has originally, moves such as Coffin Drop of Darby Allin makes it more realistic.

Plus, we have Diving Headbutt of Brain Danielson and Phenomenal Forearm (AJ Styles). The 2nd Rope and Springboard Attack contain the same move. However, the Diving Attacks are normal as usual, nothing new here.

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Next, the Crushes collide when the opponent is lying on the mat or canvas also contains updates. The wr3d 2k22 latest version download comes with moves such as Five Knuckle Shuffle of John Cena. Also, there’s the most electrifying move in all of sports entertainment, the People’s Elbow of The Rock.

Moreover, the new Flying crush moves include:

  • 054 (A reverse modified 450 splash)
  • 450 Stomp
  • Coffin Drop
  • Elbow Drop 2 (Randy “Macho Man” Savage adaptation)
  • Variation of Frog Splash
  • Shooting Star Press 2 (Evan Bourne)
  • Somersault Leg Drop and Senton
  • Split-Legged Frog Splash and variation
  • Starship Pain (Johnny Nitro aka Johnny Mundo aka Johnny Impact aka John Morrison)

Besides, the 2nd Rope, Springboard, and Diving Crush are the same as above.

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Front Basics and Specials

wr3d wwe 2k22 cover

Plenty of new stunts are added in this version of wr3d 2k22 apk download in the form of Front Basics and Finishers known as Specials.

Now, it is not possible to describe hundreds of them here but a few of them are below.

  • 1916 (Finn Balor)
  • Underhook 1916
  • Alabama Slam (Sheamus & McIntyre)
  • Attitude Adjustment
  • Avada Kedavra (Seth Rollins Superkick)
  • Bro To Sleep (Matt Riddle)
  • Burning Hammer (Kenta Kobashi & Aj Styles)
  • Batista Bomb
  • Big-Ending
  • Bitter End (Pete Dunne)
  • Black Mass (Malakai Black)
  • Body Death Drop
  • Bro Derek (Riddle)
  • Calf Crusher (Styles)
  • Canadian Destroyer
  • Chokeslam variations
  • Dark Clash
  • Dead Eye (Adam “Hangman” Page)
  • Deep Six (Baron Corbin)
  • Destino
  • Dirty Deeds variations (Jon Moxley)
  • Discus Clothesline (Mr. Bordie Lee – RIP)
  • Drift Away (Elias)
  • End of Days variation (Corbin)
  • Fairytale Ending (Tommaso Ciampa)
  • Feast Your Eyes (T-Bar)
  • Fisherman Arrow
  • Fisherman Fade to Hell
  • German Suplex
  • German DDT
  • Guillotine Choke
  • Head Flattener
  • Head Stomp (Seth Rollins)
  • Hell Clothesline
  • Irish Curse Backbreaker
  • Kick + Stunner (Stone Cold Steve Austin / Kevin Owens)
  • KKO (Modified RKO)
  • Killswitch (Christian Cage)
  • Kinshasa (Shinsuke Nakamura)
  • Lashley Spear
  • Last shot (Adam Cole Bay Bay)
  • Mandible Claw (Bray Wyatt )
  • MDDT (Kiss of Death to DDT)
  • MDKO into Clutch
  • Murphy’s Law (Buddy Murphy)
  • Muscle Buster (Samoa Joe)
  • Neutralizer (Cesaro)
  • Orton’s Backbreaker
  • One Winged Angle
  • Pale to Day
  • Variations of Pop-Up moves
  • Powerbomb adaptations
  • Rainmaker
  • Reckoning (Damian Priest)
  • Release German Suplex
  • Running Claymore
  • Rolling Spear
  • Russian Legsweep (Damien MizDow)
  • SFF
  • SOS (Kofi Kingston)
  • Spinout Bomb
  • STO
  • Stomp to RKO
  • Salida Del Sol
  • Sister Abigail (Kiss of Death)
  • Snap DDT
  • Spanish Fly
  • Spear variations
  • Spinbuster variation
  • Standing Forearm strike and moonsault slam
  • Storm Breaker
  • Styles Clash
  • Sunset Powerbomb
  • Super Kick + Curb Stomp
  • Suplex Big Ending
  • Twist of Fury
  • Tombstone Piledriver
  • Trouble in Paradise
  • Twist of Fate
  • Uranage Slam
  • Ushigoroshi
  • Violet Storm
  • Wing Clipper
  • Zig Zag & more.

Rear Moves

Similarly, the newly available rear moves that you can select in the wr3d 2k22 game download for android are:

  • 1619
  • Angle Slam
  • Back Lift Stabbed
  • Back 12
  • Chaos Theory
  • Cross Breaker
  • Evil Shot
  • Frankiensternier
  • Lumbar Check
  • Low Blow
  • Orton’s Backbreaker
  • Release German Suplex
  • Rainmaker
  • Slam Test
  • Twisted Metal
  • Ushigoroshi
  • Wristlock knee strike
  • Zig Zack variation & other moves

Corner and Ground Moves

Furthermore, you can perform Rey Mysterio’s 619 in the corner along with Avalanche Styles Clash and Spanish Fly. Just drag your opponent in the second rope to execute them properly.

We can Buckle Bomb, Super RKO, and AA from the second rope along with Suplex into Falcon Arrow from the top. Then we have Black Mass, Dis Arm Her, Gargano’s Escape, Guillotine Choke, Hells Gate, and Kimura Lock with STF added on the ground.

Rosters & Match Types

There are over 12 different well-organized rosters with realistic players as listed below.

  1. SmackDown
  2. Monday Night Raw
  3. Impact Wrestling
  4. New Japan Pro Wrestling
  5. All Elite Wrestling (AEW)
  6. NXT 2.0
  7. Performance Center
  8. Hall of Fame
  9. Wrestling Revolution
  10. Total Divas
  11. 205 Live
  12. ROH

Each of the above rosters comes with their realistic arenas, OP graphics, and stadium in this wr3d 2k22 mod download.

On the other hand, we have the following new types of matches added to the game:

  • Ladder Match
  • Ambulance Match
  • Casket Match
  • Buried Alive
  • Elimination Chamber

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to reverse in Wrestling Revolution 3D?

The reverse is done by luck and automatic in some cases. First of all, the main factor that plays a role here is the player's attributes. It is easier to reverse a player with a lower profile and vice versa. Secondly, in my experience, the timing matters when the opponent tries to attack or grapple from the top rope. If you press the G key immediately on the same second as the wrestler jumps from the top rope, there are higher chances or reversals. Moreover, when you are applied on hold, long tap the R key along with the direction buttons towards which they are pulling you. For leg locks, continuos tapping of G converts into drop toe hold and so on.

2. How to get pro license for free?

Good News! The pro license and backstage pass are already unlocked and provided for free without paying for anything if you download the modified version of the WR3D app from our website.

3. How to tag in WR3D MOD 2K22?

Before tagging, make sure that your tag partner is not a traitor and he is standing at your corner in the ring apron. To make a successful tag, just walk towards him/her, the CPU will automatically make the tag without using any rocket science.

4. How to retire a wrestler?

Retirement in WR3D happens when a wrestler joins the Hollywood promotion or brand. In our version, it is renamed to as "Hall of Fame". When the owner of the Hall of Fame contacts a performer and hires them, the wrestling newsletter will say that they have been retired to find new dreams. Your own player in the "Career" mode won't retire himself, it is not under your control.

5. Is it safe to download WR3D Mod from our website?

We are extremely serious about the safety of the applications that we link to on our website. These apps or games published on our websites are developed by third-party developers. Still, we manually check them before uploading them for the security of our users. I have been playing this game offline for months now and never faced any issues. Plus, the Google Play Protect has scanned the app and did not found any threats so far.

How to fix app not installed

A user on our YouTube channel reported that he’s getting an “app not installed” issue. Well, these types of errors occur on low-end Android devices only that have low internal storage. To fix this issue, you will need to make some space for the application in the following ways.

  • Clear cache of various programs as this will not remove any data such as game progress or accounts.
  • Uninstall unnecessary applications and clear the data of those unwanted apps.
  • Delete screenshots, downloaded pictures, and duplicate photos. Or, you can simply backup them to Google Drive or Facebook settings privacy to private.
  • Transfer big files from internal storage to an external SD memory card.
  • Delete movies and big video files or upload them to a free video storage platform or transfer them to your computer.

Also, if your phone is working on firmware older than Android 4.0.4, then this game will not install due to incompatibility issues. Besides, that, the storage issue is the only reason why it might not install. If possible then reboot or start your phone after performing the cleanup process.

Final Verdict

Last but not least, WR3d 2k22 mod apk is a great android app for pro wrestling lovers. But the only drawback of this game is that it is too heavy in terms of size. Still, it will work on 2 GB RAM and 1 GB of free disk space if you want to run smoothly. Also, the commentary mod in the background is already available on our website.

Therefore, if you want to get the app as soon as it releases, do not forget to bookmark our website before leaving. If you have any problems with downloading or installing the game, feel free to contact us or for removal requests, check out our DMCA application page.