WR3D 2K23 MOD APK Download (New Version) 2023 Update

Get the update of wr3d 2k23 mod apk download, the new version with a real-world environment and outstanding features for android. It’s no secret that we love to maximize character attributes and win championships as wrestling fans. So, this build of wr3d brings you the best possible graphics with a pro license.

Moreover, you will find tons of new moves, gears, and items inside this game. Best of all, the glitches have been fixed, and additional bonus features are added. Not only that, you will find instructions to properly update this release, make changes to the performance, and progress easily.

This wr3d 2k23 mod download patch has solved many issues with the arenas, objects going through each another, and introducing new textures. Likewise, there are new scripts in the GM and career mode meetings. Similarly, additional promos have been added while playing the game in front of the crowd.

Plus, there are plenty of unique enhancements that you can discover by reading this whole article. Let’s start.

WR3D 2K23 Details

App NameWR3D 2K23
RequirementAndroid 4.0 and above
Size173 MB
Updated1 Day Ago

WR3D 2K23 MOD APK Download For Android

wr3d 2k23 mod apk download for android

The game takes inspiration from the Wrestling Revolution 3D MOD, only smaller in size on android. Meanwhile, you get a chance to play as your favorite WWE, AEW, or Impact wrestlers. Also, top-notch performers from independent wrestling are available inside the game. Enjoy the gameplay as your favorite characters such as Edge, Brock Lesnar, CM Punk, Roman Reigns, and Kenny Omega.

First, there is a complete modification in the game design. There are new 3D models, ring aprons, crowds, and arenas, more realistic than the original release. Hundreds of new characters such as Braun Strowman, The Fiend, and more are now available. In my experience, the current match types and items bring more prestige.

On the contrary, the interface, controls, and main menu remain the same. They are much easier to handle and do not need modifications. Besides that, we have an up-to-date cover and background music to pump up the thrill.


  • At least 1 GB of free internal storage
  • 2 GB Ram
  • Internet for downloading


Features of WR3D 2K23 MOD APK

ricochet model wr3d 2k23

We can now control the shape of the hair as a hidden feature inside this version of WR3D 2K23. We can make the hairstyles more realistic by changing the length to transparent. If we change the texture value to greater than 23, additional details in the design can be seen. This is a complicated system but will help you get the hairstyle into the right shape.

Likewise, there’s a huge look change in The Bloodline’s USOS. There are the latest faces, hairstyles, and upper to lower-body clothes. The Indus Sher and Veer Mahan have a full update in textures.

Much like wr3d 2k22, there are updates in the costumes such as new Bray Wyatt gear, tattoos, and masks. The facial looks, beard, and body structure of Seth Rollins have been enhanced. The skin of Roman Reigns is now WOT v3 version.

Not so fast, there’s a change in Brock Lesnar’s face and beard with his gloves. It gets better with full costume texture upgrades in Bandido, Penta, and Keith Lee.

In a nutshell, the developer has done extraordinary work combining the assets together providing the following features.

  • Advertisement Free
  • No In-App Purchases
  • Cast and Item limits to 30
  • More than 30 stadium skins
  • Latest attacks, chops, and finishers.
  • Unlocked Backstage Pass and Pro License
  • Characters from the Hall of Fame and retirement included
  • 12 new rosters from major wrestling promotions all over the world
  • Bug Fixes and smooth gameplay even on low-spec Android devices
  • Hell in A Cell, MITB ladder match, and Elimination Chamber added
  • All the characters are assigned their special moves.
  • Pre-packed wr3d roster with real names.

Improving Game Performance

wr3d 2k23 jeff hardy 3d model

This highly compressed and improvised version of the wr3d 2k23 mod download will take your wrestler to the top. However, there might be some issues with low-end devices with less Ram capacity.

To fix that, you need to clear some storage space on your device. For example, at least 1.5 GB of free space will let the game run smoothly. Even better, we can go to the main menu, select Options, and choose Preferences to improve the performance.

Then, increase the “Game Speed” by 240%, Music Volume to 0%, and turn off Entrances. Optionally, we can reduce the number of characters, and turn off “Referees” and “Managers”. If we are not recording any clips or doing it for online streaming, it is fine to turn off the entrances.

Also, switch to the “Display” settings and set the ropes to “Static”, turn off “Lighting” and change models to “Basic” for low-end devices only.

Getting in Shape For WR3D 2K23

darbi allin 3D model

The weight is directly proportional to the stamina and inverse to the power. There are three methods to lose weight inside the WR3D game. First, you need to train the character for stamina manually.

The second method is to increase the stamina attribute and reduce power by editing the roster. Third, keep running more during the matches. Also, use high-flying moves from top rope and springboard attacks.

Last but not least, just edit the character and change the body skin to something with six packs. Also, change the character’s Body Type from Bulky to Muscular.

Earn More Money in WR3D 2K23

solo sikoa

My favorite method is to hire my own character into a brand through GM Mode. Grant him a “Guaranteed” payment for 49 weeks and raise the amount to 99K per week. This works if you are playing in the Career Mode. But as a booker, try to hire wrestlers at as cheap a price as possible without guaranteeing anything.

Moreover, try to balance the pay by making expensive wrestlers lose because the winners get all the money in their contracts. Another good method to reduce expenses is to use weapons and furniture as little as possible.

On the other hand, delivering 5-star matches will increase the ratings. It means more audience will attend your next show and pay you more. However, if a player is arrested for trumped-up charges, let them rot in jail. When they return, just fix their attributes using the pro license.

Whenever you get a deal with Hollywood, sell company rights. This small cooperation can help you get out of debt in wr3d 2k23 mod.

Performing Springboard Attacks

In order to perform springboard moves, you need to have stamina and skills attributes above 75%. After that, knock your opponent down on the canvas, making sure that they are not stuck close to the ropes.

Then, simply go outside the ring and stand on the apron. Finally, press the attack button “A” to perform the springboard move.

Breaking-up with Teammates

There is one right and wrong way of getting rid of a tag partner in WR3D. The right way is to edit your character, go to the Relationship options and remove the teammate from there.

The indirect and wrong method is to book a simultaneous match. Whenever they stands in between your opponents, attack them till they refuse to work with you anymore.

This is the best way to start a feud with your wrestling tag partner inside the WR3D game.

Is WR3D 2K23 MOD APK Download Safe?

First of all, this game does not require any internet connection to play or similar permissions. So, it means that the data cannot be transferred to a remote location online. Based on that, we can say that it is safe.

However, you need to remember that this is not the official Wrestling Revolution 3D apk. It is the modified version of the original game. Since we are not the developers, we cannot 100% verify the safety of the application.

Therefore, only continue at your own risk. We always advise our readers to enable Google Play Protect. This enables the system to scan new applications and warn you about potential threats. Always download and install apps and games from the official Play Store if you are concerned about safety.

Final Words

We hope that you enjoyed this wr3d 2k23 mod apk download for android and it worked for you in a nice smooth way. We are well aware that the game might contain some bugs. So, they shall be fixed in the next future updates. Therefore, we recommend you to bookmark our website right away because we release updates every single day.

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