WR3D 2K22 By Mike Bail MOD APK Download for Android (Latest)

Uncover the mod apk link for WR3D 2K22 by Mike Bail with improved realistic graphics & special features download for android in the latest 2022 updated edition. Moreover, whether your device is high-end or just 2 GB RAM, it will run smoothly as cake.

wr3d 2k22 by mike bail download for android latest version

Mike Bail is a genius YouTuber that can brilliantly edit any applications, modify the source code, replace the files, and create brand new wr3d 2k22 mod apk. Therefore, this application is for those average people like us who just know the process to install and playing the game.

Moreover, this article contains the download link to the revamped and improvised version of the great MDickie Wrestling game modified. It comes with real textures in arenas, 3D characters, actual moves, and unique matches.

Be sure to read the entire page if you want to discover more about the WR3D game developed by Bail. Let’s start.

WR3D 2K22 By Mike Bail Details

App NameWR3D 2K22 MOD APK Download For Android By Mike Bail
App StatusUpdated
CategoryAndroid Games, WR3D
DeveloperMike Bail
UpdatedAugust 3, 2022
Operating SystemAndroid
Size307.5 MB
RequirementAndroid 4.4 and above


  • Android Operating System 4.4 and above
  • Minimum 2 GB RAM
  • At least 1 GB of Free Internal Disk Space for smooth gameplay

What’s New Features

  • Ad-free
  • New Props and weapons
  • Background Commentary
  • Moves from the new era added
  • Improved controls and gamepads
  • Realistic entrance, arenas, and graphics
  • All wrestlers from the past or present are available
  • Premium features (Pro License and Backstage Pass)
  • New Wrestling Modes such as Elimination Chamber, HIAC, and MITB Ladder matches.
  • Brand new rosters with real names
  • Easy progress and more inside the game.

WR3D 2K22 Mod Download Link By Mike Bail


  1. Use the button below that will take you to the download page.
  2. From there, save the apk file into your phone (high-speed internet is recommended for faster downloads)
  3. After downloading, tap on the APK file.
  4. If prompted, then allow “Unknown Sources” installation. This usually happens when you are using the browser for the first time for downloading apps.
  5. After that, tap “Install” and wait until it is completed.


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Game Description

Every professional wrestling fan wants to create his own dream matches and book his custom factions. Thanks to Mike Bail, it is now possible with the help of premium features unlocked in this update.

It is now possible to max all the athlete’s attributes by editing the rosters and delivering 5-star matches. Although the commentary might be off-topic, it is still engaging while playing.

On the other hand, this version uses custom arenas developed by Sepker and Game.swf by Mike. Moreover, the developer provides credits to the entities of WR3D Network for assisting him to create this mod.

If you are an expert at using Android Studio or APK Editor Pro, feel free to use the game assets to create your own WR3D 2K22 version. The last update that Mike released was found about a year ago.


Some previous mods were found allowing up to 100 characters that could lag up the gameplay. Therefore, to fix freezing and crashing, the performance is further enhanced by keeping the total number of allowed characters & items to 30.  This makes the game experience super fast and smooth even on low-end devices.

Likewise, we can achieve more improvements if the rope animations are turned off lowering the pressure on the CPU, processor, and RAM. To further improvise, switch off the shadows and use static ropes only.


This android app uses permissions for Storage, Phone, and Gallery. Don’t worry, all these features are necessary for the app to work. It does not transfer any private information on the web.

The game is completely offline. Just in case, if you feel insecure, turn off the internet while playing and it will prevent any external communication through the app, although there is no such thing programmed inside that would transfer data into a remote server.

As far as we have experienced, we never had any threat or virus during the entire time.

Basic Controls

The options to control are the same as the original game that comes with buttons on the virtual gamepad that is listed below.

  • R – Run
  • A – Attack
  • P – Specials
  • Cursors – Control Direction
  • G – Grab / Grapple / Hold Opponent
  • T – Taunts / Celebration / Cover (Pinfall)
  • Timer – Pause Game / Shows Time Spent or Remaining
  • Eye – Change focus to a different character during matches
  • Health meter – shows total damage left plus switch character control in GM Mode


1. how to do the kimura lock in Mike Bail WR3D?

It's super easy to the Kimura lock in WR3D that broke the arms of Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and Mark Henry in a storyline. The MMA-adapted move by Brock Lesnar is officially available inside the game. Just go to edit character and select 'Moves'. Then, navigate to ground moves and select a button type. After that, scroll through the list of various signature holds and select 'Kimura Lock'. After that, while you are in gameplay, drop the opponent on Canvas and grab him by pressing 'G'. Then, press the button that you assigned earlier during setup to apply the lock hold.

2. How to injure an opponent?

There are dozens of ways to hurt your opponent in WR3D. First, exit the arena. Then, grab your opponent and whip him continuously in the ring apron, posts, and barricades. If possible, then use the barbed wire stick to resculpt his/her face with 'blood' (PG Warning). It's just hardcore rules where your opponent needs to be slammed in some kind of tables, ladders, and other items rapidly and continuously to create real damage. Any jabroni who thinks about hurting his ring-partner should never be allowed in professional wrestling. However, this is just a video game, and we can do whatever our candy a$$ wants.

3. how to lower volume in WR3d?

First, launch the game and select 'Options'. Then go to Settings > Preferences and tap on the left side of the percentage shown next to 'Music Volume' to reduce it to 0%. This will mute the background music but if you tap on the right side of the percentage, it will rather increase. However, there are no controls for lowering the audience noise during matches and tap sounds. The only way to fix this is by pressing the volume down button of your device or phone.

4. How to hit special move?

First of all, press G to grab them, and then press the taunt key 'T' to attempt a finisher. However, most of the time it will get reversed or you will receive most of the damage. Therefore, let the adrenaline meter fill up before performing the move which is achieved by beating up your opponent more and more using the regular moves.

Final Verdict

We hope that you are able to get the wr3d 2k22 by mike bail download for android from our website. Bail rarely provides updates on his channel, so we have to collect this file from different alternative sources. If you are facing problems or having issues, or errors while playing it or during installation, don’t hesitate to inform us here.