WR3D 2K23 MOD Download APK With Commentary (New Version)

Enjoy the new premium release of wr3d 2k23 mod download apk with commentary for android users in the voice of Michael Cole and updates. Most of the designs and intros are completely modified with HD 3D graphics, improved sound, gameplay, and moves.

Also, challenge the opponents and reach the top belts winning with ease using this realistic pro version. The plan to release this version was made back when the first mod was published here. But due to time management issues from our authors, it was further delayed.

However, we are now officially announcing the release of our brand new wr3d mod 2k23 with commentary apk. It comes with new exhibition match types, moves, theme songs, and entrances. Moreover, if you want to learn how to make progress faster in this offline wrestling sports android game, read the entire article.

Let’s start.

WR3D Commentary MOD Information

NameWR3D 2K23 With Commentary
RequirementAndroid 4.4 & above
Size173 MB
Updated1 Day Ago

WR3D MOD with Commentary Description

wr3d 2k23 mod download apk with commentary

As you already know this modified version of wrestling revolution 3d contains Brock Lesnar & Roman Reigns on the cover and a new intro theme that plays while the game assets load.

Likewise, there’s a free pro license and backstage pass that allows you to edit Universe, generate, backup, and restore the roster. Also besides the regular matches, it comes with Hell in a Cell, Ladder Match MITB, and Elimination Chamber. Similarly, the pads and canvas skins are made up of WWE, AEW, ROH, NJPW, and Impact.

On the other hand, there are complete superstars from separate rosters in 12 major brands of professional wrestling with real names. Each of them has its own unique costume, entrance theme song, accolades, and moves. The attacks such as Step-up Enziguiri, Superman Punch, and Trouble in Paradise make it more fascinating to play.

If you are looking to enjoy legendary offenses, then this mod apk game comes with the Flying 360 degrees kick, Kinshasha, and European Uppercut. Likewise, the new finishers include Pentagon Driver, Project Ciampa, Wing Clipper, Last Shot, Bro Dereck, Meteora, and PayDirt. You will have to download the game to witness the complete list of updated special moves including the 619.


New Features of WR3D Commentary MOD Download

new cover of wr3d commentary mod download

Below are all the new updated features of the wr3d mod with commentary.

  1. Climbable Hell In A Cell Structure
  2. Commentary in the voice of Michael Cole
  3. MITB Ladder Match (including Championships)
  4. New graphics, environment, models, and moves
  5. Realistic Rosters, Entrance, and More.


  • Android OS 4.4+
  • At least 500 MB of Free Internal Storage
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • Any graphics card and processor

WR3D 2K23 MOD Download APK With commentary

Brock Lesnar in the cover of wr3d commentary mod

If you are new to our website, then it is essential to learn the steps to enable installation from unknown resources first. After you get the apk file, tap on install, and android will show a warning. It is normal as they recommend saving files from Google Play Store only.

When you get such warnings, just tap on the “Settings” option, enable “Allow Installation from This Source”, and confirm it by pressing the “Ok” button after 10 seconds.

We want to make you assure that this wr3d 2k23 with commentary download does not use an internet connection. So, there is no way it can transfer files online. Likewise, it does not contain any threats that would damage your device.

Therefore, you can safely download it without any hesitation or worrying about anything as the author is also playing it on his own device (button at the end).


How to play inter-promotional matches?

wr3d mod with commentary rosters

In career mode, there’s a timeline of dates where the matches happen. Just double-tap on any upcoming week and then tap on the roster name to switch brands.

Now, select a wrestler and set match rules to discuss. Such events can only happen if your opponent cooperates to work with it. The argument becomes more successful if you have better attributes and are working on a more popular brand.

However, in GM Mode, as you “Submit” the card, if any other promotions are interested in it, they themselves will approach you for the meeting to challenge.

How to use special in the wr3d best mod with commentary?

gameplay of wr3d mod with commentary

There is a yellow adrenaline meter bar below your health on the upper left corner of the screen. The more you smash your opponent, the more the meter fills, and vice versa if you are smashed. When the meter is full, you can see “Special” written on top of your name and the wrestler’s head.

Now, it remains active for a limited time only, and during that time, just grab your opponent by pressing the G key. After that, if you press any combat button, the special move will automatically trigger.

On the contrary, even if the meter is not full, you can still execute a special finisher by pressing the “T” button after grabbing the opponent. However, this will hurt you more than the one in front of you.

Manager and Tag Partner

braun strowman wr3d commentary model

In this version, the struggle to get a tag partner and manager is no more due to the fact the premium version is available for free. Just go to the main menu and tap on Universe > Edit Roster.

Then select a wrestler, and go to “Relationship”. There you can assign the appropriate manager and stable for the athlete with ease.

Switching Rosters

dustin rhodes

To change the roster of a wrestler, you must be in GM Mode as a promoter. Then, tap on “Hire Talent” to conduct meeting with wrestlers and make a deal with them.

However, if you select someone from your own brand, it will release them from the contract and send them directly to the “Performance Center”. You might also have to pay them compensation money depending upon their price and the weeks left on the contract.

But, directly shifting one person to another major promotion by editing is not possible. For that, you will have to start a new career and become the General Manager of the particular brand where the performer is working.

Wrapping Up

Finally, we hope that you enjoy this version of the wr3d 2k23 mod download apk with commentary. Since the game is still under improvement, you might face slight glitches that we shall fix in the future. Be sure to bookmark us now to receive the latest WR3D version releases and updates. Comments are now open to hearing your feedback.

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