WR3D WWE MOD APK Download Update V6.1 (Acknowledge This)

This is the most stupendous release of WR3D WWE MOD Apk download with realistic graphics, features, maneuvers & the latest rosters from major brands. Every sports entertainment lover and android gaming enthusiast will acknowledge this as the best version ever.

wr3d wwe mod apk v1.6 download

Although wrestling revolution 3d has won millions of gaming hearts, there were plenty of issues. For example, the 3D graphics and scripts were the same. Moreover, the stadium and environment did not match with what’s actually there in real life. Not to mention the moves, props, and items that were available in a limited amount only.

Now, to overcome all these obstacles, we present you with the most exciting wr3d wwe mod apk ever version 6.1. In a while, you will understand why this is the must-try mod, which is outstanding from our previous versions. Just keep reading and don’t skip the features part.


App StatusNew
CategoryAndroid Games, WR3D
PublishedAugust 4, 2022
File Size223 MB
Operating SystemAndroid

App Images

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  • Android 4.1 and up
  • 500 MB Free Internal Disk Storage to be able to install
  • Minimum 2 GB RAM
  • IARC Age Ratings: 16+
  • No Root Required

What’s New Features

The developers have overcome the challenge to create the most up-to-date roster matching the current real brand’s scenario and the moves. Below are all the updates and new features from wr3d wwe mod apk.

summerslam arena wr3d wwe mod

  • All Rosters are Updated based on current situations and storylines on TV
  • New Beard, Shaves, and Accessories are added.
  • Added New Championship belts and titles (including the undisputed WWE Universal Championship belt design)
  • Grab two or more belts together
  • All New and Best costumes and attires (including “Cowboy” Brock Lesnar)
  • Brought new hairstyles from HHH, Mike, and Sepker.
  • New Accessories such as Cody Rhode’s hat, Lesnar’s hat, and The Fiend’s mask.
  • All new moves from WR3D Network mod.
  • Real Entrances with all updated titantrons.
  • New woman’s roster with all divas from past and present.
  • Money in the Bank Ladder Match (MITB)
  • New main menu user interface
  • Bug Fixes: Attach backstage without crashing, which means you can now walk directly into the backstage area
  • New Match Types
  • All updated arena textures (from Sepker)
  • New taunts from Leo, Mike, and WR3D Network.
  • And Much More.


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Game Description

WR3D WWE MOD Apk is a video game that combines the newest 3D technology with traditional wrestling-style storylines. You can choose from a variety of rosters such as RAW or Smackdown including AEW & other top promotions, UFC’s newest.

roman reigns with three belts in wr3d wwe mod apk

In addition to the main characters, you can also customize your wrestler with plenty of new moves. Moreover, the game features match mods and NXT as well. WR3D has support for an external gamepad that is connected directly to the game.

WR3D has been one of the top rated and most downloaded Android games. It was first developed by MCDickie and was released worldwide a couple of years ago. This game is an excellent simulation of not only World Wrestling Entertainment but also other major franchises in sports entertainment.

Moreover, this WR3D MOD is perfect for wrestling fans, and features real names for all the characters, making it a stupendous choice for playing competitive sports. This game is compatible with external gamepads and is a great choice for beginners or for those who want to test out their skills in a competitive environment.

Hardcore wrestlers will love WR3D2k22’s premium features. There are different events, training sessions, and other elements for players to experience. Because it is compatible with Android, and its freedom, this game can be used by both casual and advanced players. You can play with friends or with AI opponents.

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Brand New Moves

brock lesnar vs roman reigns backstage at wr3d wwe mod apk

  • Cross Rhodes, Sister Abigail V2 (with a kiss on the head)
  • Front Move (Big Boot of Veer Mahan)
  • Brock Lock submission
  • Lost in Woods (Xavier Woods)
  • Reverse 1916 (Finn Balor)
  • Kimura Lock (Direct Front Move)
  • Reverse Chokeslam (Omos)
  • Mandible Claw (The Fiend)
  • Kinshasha – Shinsuke Nakamura (Front Attack)
  • Stomp into RKO
  • Claymore Kick Updated (Punch then smash)

Pre-release: wr3d 2k23

New Match Types

1. Ladder Match: The long-awaited ladder match is finally here on this new version of the wr3d wwe mod apk. We can the start game with any number of players.

mitb gameplay in wr3d wwe mod

The rules are no DQ and the one who climbs the ladder and grabs the briefcase first wins. There are two ladder types, one as a weapon that we can pick up like a steel chair. The other is the regular ladders which we can climb and break if smashed through them.

2. Elimination Chamber: As obvious, the EC contains a pod where wrestlers will be locked in. They will enter the match after a certain interval of time one by one through their pods. The experience is like the original Chamber matches that the real performers display.

3. Buried Alive: This is more like a furniture smash match in which you have to break the item by throwing the opponent on top of it. But this time, the furniture is replaced by the casket. Yes, the door of the casket must be open when you throw the rival to win the game.

Final Verdict

So, this is it, the WR3D WWE MOD APK v6.1 download, we hope that you enjoy it. Remember, we are always eager to bring more WR3D Mods like this in the future that will fill you with excitement and entertainment. If you have any feedback or want to request an update, feel free to contact us.