WR3D WWE Ultimod APK with Pro License Download 2023

Get the latest version of WR3D WWE Ultimod apk download with a backstage pass and pro license for 2023 in android OS. It is a new and exciting way to experience professional wrestling in a virtual environment. This mod is a creation by an unofficial developer like fan-made and can be downloaded for free by anyone.

The game utilizes cutting-edge technology, blending the physical and digital communities together. Book your own shows and dream matches, customize the 3D character, and join the immersive world of WR3D. Now, enjoy thrilling graphics, and challenges exploring a new cybernated territory.

Moreover, this article will also provide a powerful review of the modified Wrestling Revolution 3D. The purpose of this post is to introduce, review, and let you download the popular game WR3D WWE Ultimod apk. Specifically, it will discuss the features and benefits of the game. Let’s start.

WR3D WWE Ultimod APK Details

File NameWR3D WWE Ultimod APK
Android Requires5.0 and above
Size173 MB

Description of WR3D WWE Ultimod APK

wr3d wwe ultimod apk download

The “WR3D ULTIMOD APK” is an easy-to-play combat sports video game for WWE Universe. It was designed to bring the world of wrestling to Android devices. Moreover, it offers a realistic gaming experience with action-packed storylines, similar to the ones we see on Raw and SmackDown.

Now, players will explore a simulated environment that brings their favorite wrestlers to life with an engaging story mode. It details stunning graphics, intuitive touch, and swipe controls with a variety of arenas and wrestlers to choose from. The popularity of the Virtual Sports world has quickly with the increase of Android users.

With the accessibility of offline gaming, players are now able to experience a range of downloadable mods. The recently released wr3d mod has been gaining popular attention. This new patch has improved graphics and offers various playable in-game characters. Just one branch of this genre, the top-down, intense fights provide immersive encounters for all players.

WR3D V6.3 Download

Is it safe and secure?

It’s important to remember that downloading any .apk file from unknown sources increases the chance of device security risks. Before heading into the other topics, one should always research the apk background and source.

That being said, this particular mod apk is known to be safe and secure. It’s a fact that it has had numerous downloads and is regularly updated with bug fixes and new content. In addition, the mod apk is 100% offline and cannot transfer any files through the internet.

Now, enabling Google Play Protect and installing an Antivirus program further increases the safety of the application. However, we are not the official developers and this download is coming from a third-party website. So, you are proceeding to download the mod at your own risk. If you have security concerns, please do not use any unofficial mods. Only install original apps from the official Play Store.

Features of WR3D WWE Ultimod APK

The features include improved 3D graphics, faster loading times, and easier interface accessibility. Now we have abilities to customize in-game elements using the backstage pass.

Likewise, it provides users with a wide range of updated content, taking their experience to a new level. The game offers real-time combats among wrestlers to determine their wins and losses. Below are the new features for WR3D WWE Ultimod apk.

  • Pro License unlocked.
  • All new rosters updated to this date.
  • Realistic arenas for all World Wrestling Entertainment premium events.
  • The commentary features are available during matches.
  • GM & Career Modes Fixed.
  • New office and backstage designs.
  • Added wrestlers such as The Great Khali and Uncle Howdy.
  • Old and new female wrestlers models, both bulky and slim.
  • All superstars from WWE including Rhea Ripley, Asuka, and more.
  • New steel cage structures.
  • Improved graphics for wire mesh cages.
  • Updated wrestlers’ costumes and textures.
  • Women’s championship belt design added.
  • Realistic names of all performers.

Developing a functional and reliable mod for the popular wrestling game has never been easier. With the easy-to-use build, users can generate and customize their wrestlers in just a few taps. With the help of a pro license and dynamic environment, players can make custom WWE wrestlers and storylines.

Download WR3D WWE Ultimod APK 2023

The introduction and availability of pro licenses have made it easier for wrestling enthusiasts to interact with their favorite characters. Whether it be a custom-made character or a classic star, the mod download allows players to customize everything. The steps to download are as follows.


  1. First of all, use the button above to visit the main download page.
  2. Tap on the download link that will take you to Google drive.
  3. Save the file to your device.
  4. Now, go to the downloads folder or check the notifications section.
  5. Tap on the apk file.
  6. Allow installations from unknown sources.
  7. Then, select install and wait for it to complete.

There are no additional steps necessary. You can enjoy both the original wrestling revolution 3d game and Ultimod apk at the same time. The hash build of both applications is different and they will not create any conflicts while playing at the same time.

Review of WR3D WWE Ultimod APK

WR3D has been the favorite game for wrestling fans for many years now. With its realistic approach to the sport, this particular mod has been praised for its realism and details. It was created with a focus on delivering a stupendous sports entertainment experience as close to real life as possible.

Again, it includes numerous custom moves, options for the environment, and arena settings with a wide variety of performers. However, a major downside is its inclusion of unique scripts and storylines than what is available in the original game. It also allows users to play as their favorite characters from the NJPW and American promotions.

The WR3D UltiMod was created to provide an enhanced reality-based experience for the popular wrestling game. The mod also features a huge selection of match types as seen on WWE programming.

Final Words

It is no surprise that Wr3d WWE Ultimod apk has become one of the most popular android video games of the last decade. Millions of pro wrestling fans from dozens of countries around the world have become devoted fans of its addictive. With its blend of strategy, skill, and excitement, Wr3d offers something for everyone, from casual gamers to hardcore professionals.

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