Wrestling Revolution 3D WWE MOD APK 2022 (Powerful Version)

Download the most powerful new version of Wrestling Revolution 3D WWE mod apk to dominate the biggest sports entertainment game on android. The game comes with all the features that a casual wrestling fan can expect in a virtual environment. Moreover, it has real entrances and 235 unique realistic costumes in the body.

Not only that, we have over 314 leg textures, 103 shoulders, 31 new hairstyles, and 188 unique gestures. We can access all these new items by customizing and editing the character manually. Again, the new update will live up to your expectations, bringing the real hype and feel of professional wrestling.

Now, it is a game made by an individual developer, with no team involved. Despite the best efforts by MDickie, the original Wrestling Revolution 3D lacked many features. Therefore, this alternative version aims to provide the real feel of wrestling on your android phone.

Wrestling Revolution 3D WWE MOD APK Details

wrestling revolution 3d wwe mod apk download

App NameWrestling Revolution 3D WWE MOD APK
App StatusUpdated
CategoryAndroid Games
UpdatedJuly 31, 2022
Size152.7 MB
Operating SystemAndroid
RequirementAndroid 4.4 and above

What’s New

  • Real graphics
  • New arenas and stadiums
  • Real Names
  • Pro License and backstage pass unlocked
  • New match types
  • Real Entrance
  • 235 new costumes
  • 314 Legs textures
  • 103 Shoulder Textures
  • 31 Hairstyles
  • 188 New Gestures
  • New WWE Moves
  • Money in the bank ladder match
  • Hell in A Cell
  • Elimination Chamber
  • More inside the game.


  • Android Version 4.4+ and above
  • At least 1 GB of free internal storage (to play without crashes)
  • 2 GB RAM minimum for a smooth experience
  • Works on any type of graphics card
  • Internet connection or root is not required after downloading the file

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Game Description

the fiend in wrestling revolution 3d wwe mod

Wrestling Revolution 3D is already the heavyweight champion of professional wrestling gaming on android. It also competes with the greatness of any similar computer game.

This game works super fast on modern devices with higher RAM capacity and internal storage. If you are using a low-spec device, you can reduce the graphics quality and increase game speed through the settings. Plus, it is always a good idea to disable ring entrances and not use an external mp3 music file to save disk space and memory.

On the other hand, the ladder matches at the time of this writing only contain a briefcase hanging above. However, you can still play championship matches on it. We are working on adding the belts in such matches and when it’s available, we will update you right here. So, it is always a good idea to bookmark us right now to receive wr3d updates in the future. Besides, as an author and regular player, the game is 5 out of 5 in my personal opinion.

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Well, more than 100 million people have downloaded and upvoted it in the Google Play Store. There’s not a single wrestling mobile game on Earth that is as addictive as Wrestling Revolution 3D. The WWE 2K series on Playstation and computers might be good at graphics but the features that WR3D provides are just too good for casual fans, it is a next-level thing.

Starting off, go to Options > Display and tap on the name next to Crowd, it will change the stadium appearance to real-world arenas such as RAW, SmackDown, and many more. Besides that, all the available real-arenas are listed below.

  • NXT 2.0
  • NXT UK
  • 205 Live
  • WWE Main Event
  • Supershow
  • Impact Wrestling
  • NJPW Ring
  • AEW Dynamite
  • AEW Rampage
  • Ring of Honor
  • Hall of Fame
  • WWE Performance Center
  • Royal Rumble
  • Elimination Chamber
  • WWE Fastlane
  • WrestleMania
  • WM Backlash
  • Hell in a Cell
  • Money in the Bank
  • Summer Slam
  • Extreme Rules
  • Crown Jewel
  • Survivor Series
  • TLC
  • NXT Takeover
  • AEW All Out
  • AEW Full Gear
  • Impact PPV
  • Green Screen Arena
  • Women PPV
  • Automatic Selection (Randomizes all arenas for every game)

Now that we know how to change the look of real arenas in wrestling revolution 3d, let’s learn more about its features. Again, if that is not enough to give you the feel of World Wrestling Entertainment, then we’ve so much left, just keep reading.

Second, comes the most important options that you will require to make progress in the game. They are the pro license and backstage pass fully unlocked. This helps you edit the roster or “Universe” in our case and change the attributes of characters however you want. Take a look.

Looks cool, isn’t it?  But that is not enough.

Although Windham Rotunda (Bray Wyatt) might not be in contract with WWE anymore, we have added all the wrestlers from different brands, past or present. They are either found in the ‘Performance Center’ or the ‘Hall of Fame roster. Not to mention that there are over 12 different major wrestling promotions from all over the world included in the game.

Plus, the titles and belt designs are adapted from the real world and there are dozens of new weapons, furniture, and attachments. Most importantly, there are moves such as 619, Buckle Bomb, Bro Dereck, Leaping RKO, etc. that were not possible in the original wrestling revolution 3d. You will find an unlimited amount of these stunts inside the game.

Match Types (New Update)

Last but not least, there are multiple new types of possibilities inside the game as listed below.

Elimination Chamber: This is a hardcore-style wrestling match that contains six participants inside a cage. Two wrestlers start the match and the remaining four are locked inside their respective pods. A new wrestler will enter the match through their pods in the specified time and try to eliminate the other. The last one standing who survives all odds wins the match.

Ladder Match: This is another hardcore match that involves Tables, Ladders, Chairs, and all sorts of furniture and weapons. There’s no referee and the only way to win is by climbing the briefcase and grabbing the briefcase that is hanging above the ring.

Hell in A Cell (Classic): A new mode in the game allows you to play the classic hell in a cell match. The wrestlers will battle inside the 20 feet red cage structure.

New matches will be added soon. Meanwhile, you can see if you find them inside our other alternative version of wr3d 2k22 mod.


1. How to do finisher and pin?

It is extremely difficult to win a match unless you use a finisher. To get to that point where your "Special" move activates, you need to check your adrenaline bar. It increases every time you do a successful regular move and decreases after getting hit. So, once the adrenaline bar is full, a message "Special" will appear just above the wrestler. Then, grab your opponent using the G button and press any key to apply the finisher. If your attributes are at maximum level, you can apply them twice by immediately grabbing after the first event to knock your opponent off. Finally, when he or she is down, you can pin them using the taunt button "T".

2. How to edit who's the champion?

For this, you should play in the "Booker" mode and must be the owner of that particular brand. If you want the titles to change hands, simply book a match between the champion and another wrestler of your choice. Before starting the match, go to the "Rules" tab and switch from "Non-title" to "Crown new World/Inter/Tag champion". During the match, you can control any wrestler by tapping on the name bar and let you decide their fate. Also, titles change hands only by pinfall or submission in regular one one one matches. Victory by count outs or disqualifications won't crown a new champ.

3. How do you escape a submission?

Escaping or reversing a submission is a tough task in wrestling revolution 3d. First of all, before thinking about escaping, never ever try to attack the referee during your entire career. If they get offended due to continuous smacks from your side, they will screw you during the matches and won't cause rope breaks. Pressing and holding the direction keys towards the nearest rope along with the "R" button is the easiest method to escape a submission in WR3D. If your profile attributes, mainly strength, stamina, and toughness are better than your opponent's, it could possibly cause a reversal if you press the directional keys against the momentum of your opponent.

4. How do you get a manager?

There are two methods to hire a manager, manually or automatically. First, in any mode, just edit the character, go to relationship, and select the manager option. Then find a character from your brand and double tap on their name to have a conversation with them in order to hire. The chances of becoming successful in this method are 60-40, as most of them will reject your offer. So, the best second option is to go to the main menu, select Universe > Edit Roster > Double tap on the wrestler > Relationship > Manager. There, you can easily assign a manager to your favorite wrestler. But this requires you to have a pro license and backstage pass which we have already got in our file.


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Final Words

If you are looking to experience realistic graphics, environment, entrances, and moves, then wrestling revolution 3d WWE mod apk might be the right option for you. On the contrary, if you are unhappy with the way this game performs, then feel free to check out other alternative WWE mods present on our website, also available for PC.

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