Zarchiver APK Download for Android 2022 (Latest Version)

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Here you will be able to free download the latest version of zarchiver apk for android, the most convenient app to convert files and folders into various archive formats. It also allows us to decompress the archives of over 35 different file extensions, even if they are password protected. This is a very handy app because not all android mobile phones support the extraction of more than one compression format.

download zarchiver apk latest version

Moreover, if we want to compress folders into multiple parts and open zip files directly from the mail, this application is for you. It also supports the extraction of split archives into one. The best part is the privacy it provides to the files during processing. It does not require internet permission so that the files won’t be shared or uploaded to the internet through the app.

Therefore, in this article, we’ll not only provide an alternate mirror link to download zarchiver apk, but also share its unique features, usage, and reviews. Therefore, if you want to discover more about the Zarchiver application, read the full page. With that said, let’s get started.

Zarchiever APK Details

App NameZarchiver
Last Updated29-04-2021
Size4.0 MB
Android Version Requirement1.6 & up
Root RequiredNo
IARC Age Ratings3+ (Everyone)
Downloads100+ Million
Average User Star Ratings4.5/5


Root Level Access: Starting off, the app requires Storage permissions as you launch it for the first time. As you enter the simple interface, it looks as simpler as any other file manager app. One of the great features of this application is that it provides root-level access. Most of the file managers only provide access to Internal and External SSD cards whose location is /storage/emulated. But Zarchiver can take you to the core level where your system files are stored.

File Compression: Likewise, Zarchiver provides powerful compression features of files and folders. We can select up to eight different output file extensions namely 7z, zip, tar, tar.bz2, tar.gz, tar.xz, tar.lz4, and tar.zstd. Moreover, we can save a lot of disk space by switching the compression level to “Ultra”. Also, we can split into volumes of specified MegaByte to save more storage. There is an option to delete the original source file after compression for further space savings.

Data Safety: The application does not get access to the internet, which means our files won’t be transferred or uploaded to the internet. On the other hand, while compressing the file, we can also set password protection and select an Advanced Encryption Type of AES-256 standards if necessary.

Decompression: We can easily extract up to 35 different types of file types using Zarchiver including the password-protected ones. It helps to bring the file to their initial state and makes them readable as they were in its initial state before compression.

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App Review

Out of 100+ Million worldwide users, only 1+ Million have left a review and it gets an average 4.5-star rating out of 5. The app is best known for managing archives but people also use it as a file manager. The handiest feature is that it allows us decompression of popular 7Z files that the default system file manager fails to open.

Also, the 4 MB file size and the low-spec design make it compatible with most of the old devices as well. It’s a plus point that the app does not display any advertisements or require network data.

However, the only drawback is that it opens the source files of APK extensions rather than installing them. That’s the only moment when you realize the need for the default system file manager. Besides that, Zarchiver is one of the best and heavy user favorite archive manager app on the Play Store.

Zarchiever APK Download



1. What is Zarchiver used for?

Zarchiver is mainly used for file compression, decompression, and accessing core system files of root-level access. Furthermore, it allows us to edit the apk files as well.

2. Does Zarchiver have virus?

As long as you download the application from original or trusted sources such as our website that scans files manually before uploading, Zarchiver has never been reported for any virus or similar threats. It is 100% safe to use as of this writing. Besides that, we cannot guarantee anything about the external archived files that you download from the internet. It is your own duty to scan them before downloading.

3. How do I download a file from Zarchiver?

Zarchiver does not use an internet connection. Therefore, there is no way you can download or upload files using Zarchiver. You can only either compress them or decompress them through this app.

4. Can Zarchiver extract RAR files?

Yes, Zarchiver can easily extract RAR, 7z, Zip, and 32 other file types.

5. Do you need a password to use zarchiver?

A password is necessary in case of key protected files only that you want to extract.

Final Words

We have that you were able to download zarchiver apk for android using the Google Drive download button above. If you have any questions or facing issues while getting the file, any legal issues related to copyright, please check our DMCA removal request page.